Berowra Waters Engraving
A strange and unusal engraving on a vertical rock surface, right next to the path, although most passers-by never notice it.

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.59699° S

Longitude 151.12550° E

UBD ref 94A1


The drawings on this rock are strange and unusual. On the right is clearly a man with a head-dress, and in the centre is a small animal which is often called a koala, but what is the strange creature on the left? It has a club foot reminiscent of Baiame or Daramulan, and appears to have two arms surrounding the koala. Or is it two superimposed drawings, perhaps of a mother koala (right) and a mythical creature (left)? We shall probably never know.

While photographing this rock, we were asked several times by passers-by what we were doing. When we showed them, several turned out to be people who had walked that path every day for years, and had never noticed this unique work of art next to them!

This site is a challenge to photograph, because the undulations of the rocks mean that no single flash position will pick up all the grooves. The photograph below was obtained by taking many photos with the flash in different positions, and then making a composite images from all the resulting images.

To get there

Come off the F3 freeway at the Berowra turning, and drive down Berowra Waters Road to the ferry. Park at the nearest (Eastern) end of the ferry crossing and walk North about 200m along the track by the side of the creek, past the parking lot, and look for a large rock next to the path on your right. That's it.


For more information

  • Stanbury & Clegg (1990), p. 78

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Diagram of the site, reproduced from Stanbury & Clegg (1990), with kind permission of John Clegg.

© Stanbury & Clegg 1990.

Composite image of the kangaroos, made by superimposing several images made with the flash at different angles.



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