Bobbin Head Engraving Site
A beautiful engraving site just a few metres from the well-walked Bobbin Head Track, and an easy 20 minutes from your car.

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.67735° S

Longitude 151.15934° E

UBD 134P5



This fascinating site is not signposted from the main Bobbin Head track, and yet has an NPWS explanatory board. As you enter the site from Bobbin Head Track you can see a large slab of rock with male and female figures, togerther with something that looks like a basket above their heads, and there is also a fine echidna. Across this rock are also an excellent set of mundoes (footprints).

A few metres to the North (along the path on the other side of the engraving from Bobbin Head Track) can be seen a rather washed-out engraving of a wallaby, and then a beautiful engraving of a glider (a type of possum with wing flaps enabling it to glide from tree to tree), which my wife Cilla tells me is clearly a greater glider and not the more common sugar glider. Note that its tail is longer than its body, a feature which is omitted from the NPWS information board.

According to the diagram on the NPWS board, there are then two emu engravings, but we were unable to find these so they may have been covered by vegetation. However, if you look carefully, you will see a small but beautifully preserved engraving (see photo) which appears to be a bird - perhaps a fairy penguin? Strangely, this has been omitted from the NPWS diagram. Beyond that is a fine engraving of a goanna.

To get there

Drive North out of Sydney along the Pacific Highway, and at Pymble turn right onto Bobbin Head Road. Follow Boobin Head Road until you enter Kuringai National Park. 200m inside the Park entrance you will see a small car parking area on the right. Park there, and follow the Bobbin Head track (which is actually the old Bobbin Head Road). After 1km you will pass under two enormous sets of electricity transmission lines, and after a further 375m you will see a small path leading off to the left of the track. Take this path, and you will almost immediately see the engraving site, surrounded by logs with NPWS explanatory boards.

For more information

  • NPWS information board at the site.
  • Popp & Walker, 1997, "Footprints on Rock", p.23.

For full information on books (publisher, ISBN, etc) see the "Further Reading" page.

Image Gallery

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Map showing the location of the site.

Sketch of the Southern section of the site, adapted from the NPWS diagram.

Sketch of the Northern section of the site, adapted from the NPWS diagram.

The echidna.

The goanna.

The glider.
The bird.


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