Bondi Golf Course Engraving Site
A large and easily accessible site next to the Bondi ventilation tower. A spectacular site, but sadly re-grooved by the Waverley Council.

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.88618° S

Longitude 151.28533° E

UBD ref 238C16


This is an extensive and complex site with a whale, humans, fish, and mundoes. It was once even bigger, with some 85 engravings. Sadly, it was re-grooved some years ago by Waverley Council, but some original engravings remain. Hopefully more are preserved under the turf of the golf course.

The atmosphere should be fantastic up here on the cliff top, but it's rather marred by the nearby Ventilation Tower attached to the sewage outfall. Even so, it is an impressive site, and well worth a visit.

Nearby are some European carvings which Lawrence Hargraves believed were evidence of an early voyage to Australia by the Spanish.




To get there

Park in Military Road, Bondi, as close as possible to the Ventilation Tower. Walk up the paved path to the tower (mind the golf balls) and the engraved area is easily visible in a small fenced-off area just to the right to the tower.


For more information

Attenbrow, 2002, "Sydney's Aboriginal Past", p.170.

For full information on books (publisher, ISBN, etc) see the "Further Reading" page.


Image Gallery

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Plaque commemorating the re-grooving.

Plan of the site, before it was re-grooved, adapted from Campbell (1899)


A fish - one of the few engravings which escaped being re-grooved.

A line of mundoes oriented approximately North-South

Fish within a depression which often contains water.

two fish and a curious object which may be a boomerang

Part of one of the largest engravings - perhaps a shark?

Overall view of the site, with Sydney CBD on the horizon.

A shark?

A large figure, perhaps a creation ancestor, resembling a man or a turtle.


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