Faulconbridge Emu Engraving Site
The bodies of three emus lie on a beautiful rock shelf in the Blue Mountains

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.70565° S

Longitude 150.52417° E

UBD 139D6



Just off the Great Western Highway at Faulconbridge, this site is unusual in depicting three shapeless masses which are said to be emus. They are quite unlike the graceful emus found in the Kuringai National Park engravings, and may represent the bodies of dead emus, perhaps even decapitated emus. Or maybe they're something else altogether. There are also some rather nice axe-grinding grooves and mundoes (footprints).

Emu 3 (see photo above and map below) is easy to find, and is the best preserved. Emus 1 and 2 are rather harder to find, which is why I've given GPS coordinates for each of them in the map below. Although the absolute positional accuracy of GPS is typically 4m, the relative accuracy between the sites should be accurate to 1m, so if you correct these readings for the reading that you get on emu 3, you should be able to find the other 2. Alternatively, just keep walking back and forth until you find the grooves!

To get there

Drive along the Great Western Highway until you get into Faulconbridge. Turn right (if coming from Sydney) into Bellevue St, and first left into Jeffs Rd. At the end you will see a sign saying "Ticehurst Park". Park next to the sign and follow the path between the houses to the Rock Shelf.


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Diagram of the site.

Emu 3

Emu 3

Emu 3 (taken from vertically above).
Emu 2
Emu 2 with an overlay showing the grooves


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