Girrakool Engraving Site
Just off the F3 freeway, in Brisbane Waters National Park, is a delightful spot with some modest rock engravings.

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.43221° S

Longitude 151.27818° E



In the Brisbane Waters National Park are several hundred rock engraving sites. The one pictured here, although rather faded and difficult to interpret, is listed because it is close to the F3 and involves a short pleasant walk through beautiful forest, and makes an excellent break if you are heading North from Sydney.

Look for the engraved man (shown below), and the kangaroo behind him. Many other fragments of engravings are also visible.

To get there

Leave the F3 at the turn-off signposted to Woy Woy and Gosford, turn L (if coming from the South) or R (if coming from the North) into Wiseman's Ferry Road, and left onto the Old Pacific Highway going South. Take the first left into Girrakool Picnic Area. Take the Girrakool Loop Track (on the Eastern side of the Car Park) and after about 150m you will reach the engraving site pictured above.

For more information

  • See information boards at the Girrakool car park.


Image Gallery

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An engraved man

General view of the area.


Map showing how to get there



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