Terrey Hills Emu Engraving
A solitary engraving, known locally as the emu, lies on a beautiful ledge overlooking Cowan Water. But is it an emu, and is it aboriginal?

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.66804° S

Longitude 151.17443° E

UBD ref 115E16


This engraving is known locally as the emu, and is listed in some guide books as an aboriginal engraving. But its shape is not that of an emu, but more like a duck or a goose. The style is unlike aboriginal engravings, with clawed feet resembling a Western-style cartoon. The grooves themselves are deep and narrow, and look like they've been made with a steel blade rather than by traditional engraving techniques.

My guess is that it's a modern carving. But what do you think? I'd be grateful for any information as to the history of this engraving.

To get there

Take the Mona Vale Road heading North from Sydney, through St Ives, and turn left at the junction signposted to Terrey Hills and Kuringai National Park. Turn left at the roundabout onto Booralie Road, and continue to the end of Booralie Road, noting that at one point it turns sharply to the R, with Kinka Rd (which you don't want) going straight on. Park at the end of the road, and continue walking along the dirt track (variously named Duffy's Track and Slade Track). Ignore the turning to the R to Duffy's Wharf, and keep straight on to the end, where you will find the engraving on a ledge overlooking Cowan Water.

For more information

  • I don't know of any reference to this in published literature other than guide books.

For full information on books (publisher, ISBN, etc) see the "Further Reading" page.


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Location map

Image of the "emu" engraving.


View from the engraving site


Vertical view of the engraving


Another view of the engraving.



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