Terrey Hills Hunt Engraving
A beautiful shady site with a well-endowed man, two kangaroos, two women, and mysterious footsteps.

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.69550° S

Longitude 151.21025° E

UBD ref 136C13


This site is reached by a peaceful grassy walk through a shady grove of trees where you may inadvertently disturb a tawny frogmouth or a goanna. A large exposed slab of rock bears the engravings, together with some sparkling rock pools next to a creek.

A well-endowed man (see above) stands next to a pair of kangaroos (perhaps an adult kangaroo and its young, or a kangaroo and a wallaby?), the larger of which has a spear in its back, and two eyes and distinct front claws. On the other side of the rock are two women, and across the site are a set of footprints (or mundoes) with well-formed toes.

Stanbury & Clegg consider the engraving site to commemorate a successful hunt by the man, and was presumably to be used for an increase ceremony. On the other hand, the length of the mans penis, and his headress, are unusual in increase ceremony sites, and are more often found associated with creator spirits such as Baiame. The well-formed footprints, with distinct toes, are also unusual and suggest a creator spirit.

To get there

Take the Mona Vale Road heading North from Sydney, through St Ives, and turn left at the junction with Forest Way into Myoora Rd. Just after the band turn L into Larool Rd., which is a dirt road, and stop about 200m on the L next to the single-bar treated pine fence. Walk about 400m down the footpath to the site.


For more information

  • Stanbury & Clegg (1990), p. 43
  • Popp & Walker, 1997, "Footprints on Rock", p. 20.

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Diagram of the site, reproduced from Stanbury & Clegg (1990), with kind permission of John Clegg.

© Stanbury & Clegg 1990.

Image of the kangaroos. Is it an kangaroo + joey, or a kangaroo plus a wallaby?


Image of the man


Ancient feet confront those of a 21st century European.


Mosaic of the kangaroos plus man, in their correct respective positions.


Mundoes (footprints) after rain. Note that one appears to be reversed, and is also a different shape from the others. Why?
Ray Norris at Terrey Hills Hunt site


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