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One of my most enjoyable pursuits is sea kayaking, paddling with friends on water ways and the ocean. I hope to add to this page over coming months with more photos and details. For now I have provided a few images and some links.


Useful Sea Kayaking Links      
NSW Sea Kayak club Logo
I am a member of the NSW Sea Kayak Club, the largest sea kayak club in Australia. It has a wealth of experience among its members and provides practical training and a range of trips. The website is extensive and useful.
Discovery Expeditions My wife, Susan and I did two trips in Canada with Discovery Expeditions in 1998. We spent one week paddling in Johnstone Strait with orca and another off the west of Vancouver Island in Barkely Sound. The trips and wildlife were truly memorable and the service was excellent.

Magellan GPS systems

Waterways Authority of NSW

The Ultimate Directory of Kayaking Links

Penrith White Water Stadium, home of the 2000 Olympics and a great place to get trashed on a hot day.

Bureau of Meteorology NSW Weather and Warnings


KayakWiki, the online encyclopaedia of all things kayaking.

  On Patonga Creek, Central Coast, NSW.

Susan in "Breath of Horus"






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