AAO The Launch of Stargazer by Fred Watson
(held at the Anglo-Australian Observatory, Marsfield)

On 7 October 2004, the Anglo-Australian Observatory Headquarters at Marsfield hosted the launch of Dr Fred Watson's book Stargazer, which describes the development of the optical telescope and the people involved. Many of Fred's professional colleagues, amateur astronomers and friends attended in this informal gathering held in the AAO conference room.

Fred Watson is the Astronomer-in-Charge at the Anglo-Australian Observatory, located just went of Coonabarabran in the central west of NSW. As well as being a professional astronomer, he also appears regularly on a number ABC radio stations and is in constant demand to speak at various public events. Further information regarding Fred's background is available from his homepage.

The images were shot digtally on a Canon 300D, using a 550EX external on-camera flash unit with a 24-70mm f/2.8L zoom lens. Images were saved in RAW mode to allow the full image quality to be maintained during subsequent image maniputlation. The images provided in this Album are lower-resolution compressed versions suitable for publication on the web.

A selection of the images, with captions, are available here. As always, you are welcome to use these images for any non-commercial purpose; all that I ask is that a suitable credit is given if the images are used elswhere. The higher resolution images are available on request.

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