CSIRO Australia A Viewing of the Transit of Venus, 8 June 2004
(held at the CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory)

Images from Transit of Venus Viewing, 2004

On the afternoon of 8 June 2004, many CSIRO staff, visitors and friends had the opportunity to witness a celestial event that hadn't been observed since 1882, namely the Transit of Venus. The viewing took place on Bowen Field at the CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory and was coordinated by the Australia Telescope National Facility's education officer, Rob Hollow.

Further information on the Transit of Venus is available from the ATNF Outreach website.

The images were shot on Ilford XP2 Super black and white film (rated at the nominal speed of 400 ISO). This film is a member of the family of black and white emulsions referred to as being chromogenic. This means that it can be processed using the C41 process (which is used for all generally available colour negative films) and thus processed in any retail minilab. The camera used was a Canon EOS-1v with a 24-70mm f/2.8L zoom lens.

A selection of the images, with captions, are available here. As always, you are welcome to use these images for any non-commercial purpose. The only processing that has been done was some simple image cropping to tighten up the composition. The higher resolution scanned images are available on request.

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