Bursts, Pulses and Flickering:
Wide-field monitoring of the dynamic radio sky

Dynamic Radio Sky


Kerastari, Tripolis, Greece


12-15 June 2007



Supported by:

Municipality of Valtetsi (DHMOS VALTETSIOU)

Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF)

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Scientific Rationale

Exotic and transient astrophysical phenomena reveal the violent and capricious nature of the universe. Wide-field and all-sky monitoring in the X-ray, gamma-ray, and more recently optical, bands has already led to a wealth of discoveries such as pulsars and gamma-ray bursts which probe extreme realms of physics and yet were not anticipated prior to their discovery.

Radio astronomy, traditionally a high-angular-resolution, narrow-field enterprise, is entering a period of renaissance on the road to the square kilometre array (SKA), in which several different routes to wide-field or even all-sky monitoring in this band will be achieved for the first time. Coupled with this, the past few years have seen the discovery of new classes of radio transient, such as the RRATs and the Galactic Centre Radio Transient.

This workshop will, for the first time, combine the astrophysics of rapid radio variability with the techniques of wide-field transient searches, in anticipation of an exciting decade ahead of us.


Scientific topics will include all aspects of transient and rapidly variable radio phenomena, including theory of explosive events and particle acceleration, and observations of gamma ray bursts, microquasars, pulsars and RRATs, flare stars, exoplanets and scintillation. There will be extensive discussion of the coming new generation of wide-field radio observatories (e.g. ATA, LOFAR, SKA prototypes), and programs to monitor the radio sky to search for known, unknown (i.e. serendipity) and known unknown (e.g. SETI) phenomena.

Confirmed speakers

Confirmed speakers include:

Geoff Bower,
Richard Dubois,

Dave Jauncey,

Joe Lazio,

Andrew Lyne,
Jean-Pierre Macquart,

Sera Markoff,
James Miller-Jones,
Rachel Osten,
Sterl Phinney (tbc),
Anatoly Spitkovsky,
Ben Stappers

** There is still room in the program for more contributed talks **

Workshop Location and Venue

The meeting will be held in the Peloponese region of Greece, in the village of Kerastari, nestled in the mountains of ancient Arcadia (close to the town of Tripolis). Time will be scheduled for discussion and interaction, as well as relaxation. The workshop will end with a large party involving the whole village.

Participation at the workshop will be limited to ~80 people, and as a result some selection may be necessary. Thanks to all the people who pre-registered. Full Registration and Abstract submission are now open. Please register using the web forms on this page.

Further details including Maps and Photos are available here.

Block Workshop Schedule


Monday 2007 June 11 Arrival. Registration and informal reception in Tripolis, Filotechnikon ~5-9pm.
Tuesday & Wednesday 2007 June 12 & 13 Full workshop days
Thursday 2007 June 14 Half day workshop; Local excursions; Conference dinner in the village
Friday 2007 June 15 Last full day of workshop
Saturday 2007 June 16 Possible full-day excursion(s)
Saturday 2007 June 16 Evening party in Kerastari, hosted by Tasso Tzioumis.

Important Dates


November 2007 1st announcement and pre-registrations begin.
Late March 2007 Final arrangements. 2nd announcement.
1 April 2007 Registration and hotel bookings open.
End April 2007 Hotel bookings close. Confirm attendance.
May 15, 2007 Registration closes
June 11, 2007 Arrival; registration; reception.
June 12-15, 2007 WORKSHOP
June 16, 2007 Post-workshop excursions; Party.

Workshop fees, payments and assistance

The registration fee will be E250 for non-students and E150 for students. It covers the informal reception, light breakfast, lunch and coffee/tea every workshop day, the conference dinner, daily bus transport and publication of the workshop proceedings.

As the workshop is self-funding ALL participants are expected to pay registration, including invited speakers and LOC and SOC members.

In exceptional circumstances, some limited financial support to students may be possible. Please email directly to the organisers at dynamic2007@atnf.csiro.au

** Payments for registration will be in Euro and must be paid in cash during registration at the workshop. We regret that we have no facilities for credit card payments. There are many ATMs in town. (If anyone wishes to pay by direct bank transfer, email the LOC for bank details).

Accommodation costs are not included and must be paid directly to the hotels by the participants. Details are given in the hotels list.

Rob Fender (UK) -- (chair)
Stephane Corbel (France)
Bryan Gaensler (Australia)
John Kirk (Germany)
Joe Lazio (USA)
J-P Macquart (USA)
Sera Markoff (Netherlands)
Dave Meier (USA)
John Seiradakis (Greece)
Ralph Spencer (UK)
Tasso Tzioumis (Australia)

Ioanna Arka (Greece)
Stavros Dimitrakoudis (Greece)
Nikos Kategiannis (Greece)
Eva Lefa (Greece)
John Seiradakis (Greece)
Tasso Tzioumis (Australia) -- Chair

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For more information email to: dynamic2007@atnf.csiro.au

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