Bursts, Pulses and Flickering:
Wide-field monitoring of the dynamic radio sky

Publication of workshop proceedings

As announced at the workshop, a conference proceedings is planned in order to capture the on-going work presented at this workshop and make it available to the community.

Proceedings will be published on PoS - Proceedings of Science (http://pos.sissa.it) - a service based on the Open Access philosophy. (see details below).

This will be a refereed on-line proceedings that will appear in the ADS.

Page Limits:
10 pages, invited
8 pages, contributed and poster

Templates: At the workshop Web site ( http://www.atnf.csiro.au/Dynamic2007/, there is a tarball containing the LaTeX templates, a template for MS-Word, and an author manual.

Download PoS_templates.tar.gz, the compressed tar file containing all necessary files.
You can also get these files individually directly from ftp://ftp.atnf.csiro.au/pub/people/tzi003/PoS/
A copy of the author manual is also directly available.

Deadline: 2007 September 30

Manuscripts should be submitted to: Dynamic2007@atnf.csiro.au

We anticipate asking conference attendees to serve as referees for the papers. While we recognize that October is often a busy time, we hope that you will be able to set aside a little time to referee a contribution or two.


PoS is organized by SISSA Medialab, a spin-off company of the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste, making the most of its longstanding experience in the field of online publishing, creating and running electronic journals like JHEP (http://jhep.sissa.it), JCAP (http://jcap.sissa.it), JSTAT (https://jstat.sissa.it), JINST (http://jinst.sissa.it) and JCOM (http://jcom.sissa.it).

With Open Access a much wider diffusion is possible, as the published material is no longer read only by those who purchase the printed volume, but is made available online with no time limit.

PoS has made a strong choice for Open Access, choosing a suitable model for copyright that is fully retained by the author (see "http://pos.sissa.it/POSlicense.html").


For more information email to: dynamic2007@atnf.csiro.au

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