3rd GPS/CSS Workshop



There is no regular public transport service between Tripolis and the village. During the workshop there will be a chartered bus which will transport the participants in the morning and evening. The cost is included in the registration fees.

Driving takes about 20 minutes. A taxi fare is about E15.

Athens airport - Tripolis

Most people will fly into Athens airport and will need to make their way to the hotels in Tripolis. However, from Italy one can take the overnight ferry from Brindisi to Patras with their own car and then drive around.

The new Athens airport has a very good website, seen on Athens airport.

There are many ways to get to Tripolis from Athens airport but there are 3 distinct stages:

1. Airport-Athens: Main transport is by buses or taxis. Excellent and detailed instructions are on Transport at Athens airport.
2. Around Athens: Mainly to get to bus or train stations, so you can continue on to Tripolis. There is a detailed web site (www.oasa.gr) for metro and bus transport in Athens but it is in Greek! (their English version is under construction). Fastest way maybe to resort to taxis.

See a tip for the first 2 stages (from John Seiradakis):

3. Athens-Tripolis: There are buses and trains but the buses are faster and more frequent. Can use trains if you are on something like a Eurail pass. See some basic train/bus timetables or the bus brochure.

Some options with approximate time and price estimates are given below.

A. Buses only

Bus airport - center of Athens -- E3 24-hour service
center - country bus station -- E1 local metro/bus services
Bus Athens- Tripolis -- E10 every hour in daytime (takes 2hrs)
Local taxi in Tripolis -- E2  
Totals: -- E15 and 4-5 hours

B. Taxi-bus

Taxi airport - bus station -- ~E25 (but could be shared)
Bus Athens - Tripolis -- E10  
Local taxi -- E2  
Totals: -- E40 and 4+ hours

C. Taxi airport - Tripolis

Pre-arranged taxi -- E120 (and can be shared by 4)
Athens taxi -- > E200? a guess

D. Hire cars
Start at around E40 /day + petrol (which is expensive). Can get good deals when booking as part of travel.

Summary: The transport Athens airport - Tripolis will cost in the range E15-100 and will take 4-5 hours. If we coordinate and share, it can cost as little as E30 by private taxi. If there are a lot of people arriving in a short period, we can also look into chartered buses.

Tripolis - Athens airport

Returning to the airport after the workshop one can (almost) follow the instructions above in reverse order. However, it will be much easier to coordinate transport for the return trips and I anticipate we will make greater use of taxis. The LOC will help participants with arrangements at the time.



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