7th RAFCAP meeting (NAOJ, Mitaka, Japan; 6 June 2010)

The 7th meeting of RAFCAP followed the IUCAF Summer School on Spectrum Management for Radio Astronomy, held at the Mitaka campus of NAO Japan, in the week 31 May to 5 June 2010. Details of the Summer School are given on the IUCAF website.

This was a brief RAFCAP meeting (9:30 -12:30), with short reports and a general discussion.

Program and presentations

Brief introduction to RAFCAP and its membership - Tzioumis(CSIRO)
Report from Australia - Tzioumis (CSIRO)
Report from China - Zhang (BAO)(presented by Tzioumis)
Report from Japan - Ohishi (NAOJ)
Report - Radio Astronomy Frequency Committee Japan - Kameya (NAOJ)
Report from Korea - Chung (KASI)
Regional report - Xue (NAOC)(presented by Chung)
Report on Experience at CORF - Reising (Colorado SU)

Open discussion

An open discussion was held on diverse topics oncluding:
* The Future of RAFCAP;
* Better methods of communication with members and the radio astronomy community;
* Participation in APT and WRC12 fora;
* RAFCAP membership issues.

A number of suggestions and action items arose from the discussions. These were put to the RAFCAP membership via email for consideration. Broad agreement was achieved and the resulting changes are reflected in the RAFCAP webpages.

Details are available in the members area.

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