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NGC 55

The H i data cube provided below was observed with the Australia Telescope Compact Array and covers an area of about 2° × 2° around the galaxy NGC 55. The data cube has been deconvolved, but does not include single-dish data. Moment maps of the ATCA cube are provided as well. Please see Westmeier et al. (2013) for a description of the data reduction process and the properties of the final data cube.

Data product Instrument Frequency Format File size Download
H i data cube ATCA 1.42 GHz FITS 15.3 MB ngc55_atca_cube.fits.gz
Moment 0 map ATCA 1.42 GHz FITS 24 kB ngc55_atca_mom0.fits.gz
Moment 1 map ATCA 1.42 GHz FITS 23 kB ngc55_atca_mom1.fits.gz
Moment 2 map ATCA 1.42 GHz FITS 23 kB ngc55_atca_mom2.fits.gz

Conditions of Use

Rotating ATCA data cube of NGC 55 You are allowed to use the data cube and moment maps of NGC 55 in your own research and publish the results of your analysis, provided that in any publication (paper, poster, presentation, etc.) that makes use of the data you cite the following original paper describing the data:

In addition, the ATNF may require that it be acknowledged whenever its data products are being used. Please consult the ATNF website for information on the correct acknowledgement.


I cannot give any warranty with regard to the accuracy and correctness of the data provided on this page. Any use of the data is at your own risk.


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