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The galaxy AM0319-662

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Project C1341: ATCA EW367-m array (beam = 112.9" x 103.9", natural weighting),
observed 03-06-2005, reduced 03-06-2005

The dwarf galaxy AM0319-662 lies at a projected distance of only 20' from the well-known galaxy NGC1313. Independent distance estimates for both galaxies indicate that they are companions.

The ATCA HI moment maps (below) show a large volume, about 40' x 40' in RA,DEC (not primary beam corrected for display purposes) and over a velocity range from 180 to 640 km/s. The velocity field shows that some of the extended gas clouds are in the foreground, most likely part of the Magellanic Stream.

A preliminary estimate of AM0319-662's HI flux density is about 0.2 Jy km/s resulting in an HI mass just below 106 Msun. Its HI velocity is about 533 km/s.

IF2: wide-band 20-cm continuum (beam = xxx.x" x xx.x", robust=0 weighting).
The integrated flux density of the continuum emission detected from ... is about ... mJy.

Original: B. Koribalski (01-Jun-2005)
Modified: B. Koribalski (03-Jun-2005)

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