The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)


ESO 245-G005 (HIPASS J0145-43) is a Magellanic barred irregular galaxy at a TRGB distance of 4.43 ± 0.45 Mpc (Karachentsev et al. 2003). It is located ~3 degrees (200 kpc at a distance of 4 Mpc) from the spiral galaxy NGC 625 in the outskirts of the Sculptor Group. Our ATCA HI data show a large, somewhat warped HI disc extending well beyond the star-forming stellar body. The HI emission is brightest near three prominent star-forming regions shown in the multi-wavelength image by Wang et al. (2017); we observe an HI depression towards the galaxy center. Cote et al. (2000) use ATCA HI maps to carry out a tilted-ring analysis; they find the HI kinematical axis of ESO 245-G005 to depart from the optical major axis. For a detailed discussion of the HI kinematics see Kirby et al. (2012). We measure FHI = 83.2 Jy km/s, in agreement with HIPASS (Koribalski et al. 2004). SINGG Hα (Meurer et al. 2006) and GALEX UV (Dale et al. 2009; Wong et al. 2016) images allow a detailed study of the galaxy's local star formation properties with respect to the HI gas density.

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