The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)

ESO 364-G?029

ESO 364-G?029 (HIPASS J0605-33) is an irregular looking barred Magellanic dwarf galaxy at a Hubble distance of 7.6 Mpc. Its nearest neighbour is the dwarf galaxy ATCA J060511-332534 (vsys ~ 830 km/s; FHI ~ 1 Jy km/s), 21.9 arcmin away, detected here. Other known neighbours are AM 0605-341 (HIPASS J0607-34) and NGC 2188 (HIPASS J0610-34) at projected distances of 70.2 arcmin and 82.5, respectively. Our ATCA maps show a regularly rotating, well-resolved HI disc, encompassing the very irregular-shaped low-surface brightness stellar body. We measure FHI = 22.3 Jy km/s, somewhat larger than the HIPASS FHI (Koribalski et al. 2004), and derive MHI = 1.2 × 108 M. For a detailed study of ESO 364-G?029, including a comparison with the LMC and other dwarf irregular galaxies see Kouwenhoven et al. (2007).

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