The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)

AM 0704-582

AM 0704-582 (HIPASS J0705-58) is also known as the Argo Dwarf Irregular. It is a rather isolated, low surface brightness galaxy at a TRGB distance of 4.90 ± 0.45 Mpc (Karachentsev et al. 2003). Parodi et al. (2002) and Kirby et al. (2008) measure basic optical and infrared properties, respectively. The extremely low surface brightness of AM0704-582 makes it hard to determine its shape. Using HIPASS, Koribalski et al. (2004) fit an HI systemic velocity of 564 ± 2 km/s; no optical velocity measurement is available yet. Our ATCA HI maps show a well-resolved, regularly rotating disc extending well beyond the faint stellar body. We measure FHI = 33 Jy km/s, in agreement with HIPASS (Koribalski et al. 2004), and derive MHI = 1.9 × 108 M. Kirby et al. (2012) analyse the HI kinematics and discuss the galaxy in detail. Using 3D FAT Kamphuis et al. (2015) obtain an HI rotation curve indicating vrot = 38.5 km/s at Rmax = 6.1 kpc (for i = 53.6 degr and PA = 275.9 degr) and Mdyn = 2.1 × 109 M.

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