The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)

ESO 379-G007

ESO 379-G007 (HIPASS J1154-33) is a dwarf irregular galaxy at a TRGB distance of 5.22 ± 0.52 Mpc (Karachentsev et al. 2002), located in the outskirts of the Cen A group. The stellar core appears to be embedded in a low-surface brightness disc, which is somewhat extended to the east. Its nearest neighbour is likely ESO 379-G024 (181.6 arcmin away), discussed below. Our ATCA data show the HI distribution and velocity field to be somewhat asymmetric, with the eastern side more diffuse and extended than the western side. We measure FHI = 4.8 Jy km/s and derive MHI = 3.1 × 107 M. Begum et al. (2008) observed ESO 379-G007 as part of the FIGGS project. They measure an HI diameter of 3.6 arcmin and an HI flux density of FHI = 5.0 ± 0.5 Jy km/s, in agreement with our HIPASS and ATCA measurements. Bouchard et al. (2009) find just one HII region, located ~10 arcsec west of the optical centre. The galaxy shape and kinematics suggest that ram pressure or tidal forces may play a role and could possibly be responsible for the offset star-forming region.

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