The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)

IC 5152

IC 5152 (HIPASS J2202-51) is a dwarf irregular galaxy at a TRGB distance of 1.97 Mpc (Tully et al. 2006). Its ATCA HI distribution extends well beyond the bright stellar disc. We measure FHI = 98.6 Jy km/s, in agreement with HIPASS (Koribalski et al. 2004), and derive MHI = 9.0 × 107 M. The HI velocity field, which shows a twisting PA, was analysed by van Eymeren et al. (2009c) who determine the rotation curve up to a radius of 4 kpc. A comprehensive multi-wavelength description of IC 5152 is given by Kirby et al. (2012), who also carry out some kinematic modelling. Using 3D FAT Wang et al. (2017) obtain an HI rotation curve indicating vrot = 58 km/s at Rmax = 3.6 kpc and Mdyn = 2.8 × 109 M. HST images of IC 5152 reveal several blue star complexes and dust patches. Our 20-cm ATCA radio continuum images show two bright star forming regions, coincident with ithe MIPS 24μm emission peaks (Shao et al. 2017). Hα emission is detected in and between those two regions (Meurer et al. 2006).

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