HI Science and Coordination Meeting

Tuesday, May 5, 9:30-15:00h, ATNF Lecture Theatre.

0930-0945*** Morning Tea/Coffee ***
0945-1000Lister Staveley-Smith (UWA)Welcome and Discussion of goals for the day
SESSION 2: Brief Project Updates
1000-1010Baerbel Koribalski (ATNF)WALLABY (WALLABY Homepage)
1010-1020Tobias Westmeier (ATNF)BROLGA
1020-1030Martin Meyer (UWA)DINGO (DINGO Homepage)
1030-1040Jeremy Mould (UMelb)AVDHS
1040-1050Elaine Sadler (USyd)FLASH (FLASH Homepage)
1050-1100Neeraj Gupta (ATNF)Absorbers
1100-1120*** Coffee Break ***
SESSION 3: Synergies and Emerging Science
1120-1130Michael Brown (UMonash)Halo Mass Functions
1130-1140Emma Ryan-Weber (USwin)The Local Group
1140-1150Ray Norris (ATNF)EMU (EMU Homepage)
1200-1210Bryan Gaensler (USyd)POSSUM
1210-1220Tara Murphy (USyd)VAST
1220-1230Simon Driver (UWA visitor)Other Wavelengths
SESSION 4: Discussion
1230-1300AllCommensal/synergy discussion
1300-1350*** Lunch ***
SESSION 5: Simulations, Pipelines and Storage
1350-1400Lister Staveley-Smith (UWA)Simulation Update
1400-1430Matthew Whiting (ATNF)The ASKAP Pipeline
1430-1500All Discussion
1500-1530*** Coffee Break ***
1530-1700Meeting Follow-up(Faraday Room)
1530-1700ATNF Colloquium (Lecture Theatre)

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