The Galaxy NGC 1672

Bärbel Koribalski (ATNF)

NGC 1672 (HIPASS J0445-59) is a nearby barred spiral galaxy seen nearly face-on.

Our HI 21-cm spectral line observations reveal a very extended hydrogen distribution and the clear kinematic signature of a warped outer disk.

NGC 1672 is a member of a small group of galaxies including NGC 1688 (HIPASS J0448-59), ESO118-G042 and ESO119-G003.

Top left: the ATCA neutral hydrogen (HI) distribution overlaid onto an optical image from the Digitised Sky Survey (DSS).
Top right: the ATCA mean HI velocity field (the contour levels go from 1186 to 1476 km/s in steps of 10 km/s).
Bottom left: the ATCA HI distribution. Bottom right: the ATCA HI velocity dispersion.
The ATCA synthesised beam is 44.6 arcsec x 36.4 arcsec.

First ATCA HI maps were published by Sally Houghton (1998) as part of her PhD Thesis.
For XMM, Chandra, Spitzer, HST and ATCA radio continuum data see the paper by Jenkins et al. (2011, ApJ 734, 33).

The NGC 1672 galaxy as seen in the optical (left; a deep multi-colour image from the Dark Energy Survey)
and in the ultra-violet (right; a two-colour GALEX image). The image cutout shown here is similar to one above.

NGC 1672 and its two dwarf galaxy companions, ESO118-G042 and ESO119-G003.


ATCA archival data from multiple arrays and projects was used to create the displayed images.
The data calibration was carried out by Rurong Chen in 2014. * Images by B. Koribalski.

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