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Recent news

More Pictures!

Released: 21.08.08

Crazy pictures of friends and me at the workshop Gas and stars in galaxies: a multiwavelength 3D perspective (Garching, Germany) last June. You can also download a zip file (17.5 Mb) with the pictures during the The Cosmic Oddyssey of the Elements conference (Aegina, Greece).

PPS Talks!

Released: 14.07.08

I have included here the talks (PPS format) I have given the last month in the international conferences Gas and stars in galaxies: a multiwavelength 3D perspective(Garching, Germany), that have the title of The Local Volume HI Survey, and The Cosmic Oddyssey of the Elements (Aegina, Greece), with the title Nitrogen excess in starburst galaxies: chemical enrichment via winds of Wolf-Rayet stars?. I would like your feedback if you see them!

Workshop for Teachers
in Parkes!

Released: 13.05.08

Webpage with some pictures of the Astronomy Workshop Astronomy from the Ground up! helded on 9 to 11 May 2008 at the Parkes Observatory.

Less recent news

ATNF Summer Students
in Narrabri!

Released: 21.01.08

Webpage with some pictures of the visit of the 2007/2008 ATNF Summer Students on 12 to 14 January 2008 at the ATCA in Narrabri .

ATNF Colloquium

Released: 28.11.2007

Here you have a link to the PPS file with my Colloquium at ATNF giving the results of my PhD. I have also included 4 animations: evolution of Mkn 1087 group, evolution of HCG 31 group, a zoom into NGC 5253 and the sequence of WR galaxies. There are others animations (horsehead nebula, explosion of a massive star, interactions between two disk-like galaxies) that have only ilustrative purposes and I have not included here because I do not have the copyright.

PhD Thesis!!

Released: 21.11.2007

Here you have a PDF copy of my PhD Thesis (only in Spanish by now, sorry, say thank you to the University of La Laguna, that forced me to write it in Spanish; I'm still translating in order to publish all my research) and El Universo Sobre Mí, the outreach introduction (also only available in Spanish).

Extragalactic HII regions

Released: 08.11.2007

Test of the webpage of my research group at the IAC (Spain), Regiones HII Extragalácticas (I INSIST: It is just a test).

Total Lunar Eclipse
on 28.08.07 in Sydney

Released: 29.08.2007

Tobias and me were helping at the Macquarie University Observatory to show the lunar eclipse to everyone. Click here to see the pictures of the people and a sequence of the eclipse.

Mi first car!

Released: 23.08.2007

Yes, it is my first own car. And the steering wheel is at the right because in Australia they drive on the left. Some pictures here!

Old news

Galaxies in the Local Volume

Released: 28.07.2007

You can find here the pictures of the Conference.

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