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ATNF Pulsar Catalogue: History

Archived versions of PSRCAT are available below, along with the release date, the number of pulsars in the catalogue at that time, and a short summary of the updates that were applied to each version.

Please click on a 'Version' link to display the main page for a particular version.

VersionDateNo. pulsarsSummary
2.2.02024/05/313630Added 96 new pulsars from flm+23, pbs+23, plj+23 and www+21. Move distance parameters from the 'distance' table to the 'parameter' table and removed the distance table. Fix spelling mistake in BSURF description in the 'parameterType' table. Set units to NULL for DTHETA. Previously was (-6). Changed P2 to F2 for J0045-7319 since psrcat2 supports the F2 parameter to match the publication. Update ULT description in the 'binaryTypeOptions' table. Delete HESS from 'associationType'. Add GL,GB,DIST,DIST1,R_LUM,EDOT,EDOTD2,B_LC,VTRANS,P1_I,AGE_I,BUSRF_I,EDOT_I,PMTOT,PMGL,PMGB to 'parameterType' table. J0205+6448 add citation bie06 to association SNR,PWN:3C58. J0540-6919 add citation aab+15 to association SNR:0540-693 and add PWN:0540-693. J1811-1925 add citation gs20 association SNR:G11.2-0.3. J1210-5226 add citation aaa+16a to association SNR:G296.5+10.0 and hg15 to association XRS:1E_1207.4-5209. J1952+3252 add citation ah21 to association SNR:CTB80. J2229+6114 add citation aaa+20a to SNR:G106.6+2.9 and add PWN:G106.6+2.9. Add survey Shallow L-band MPIfR MeerKAT Galactic Plane survey: mmgps-l. Updated declinations with 00:... to be +00:.... For mmb+23, the publication references PSR J1012+5703. By inspection we found this was J1012+5307 and tagged this occurence in the database. For pbs+23, PSR J1806-2125 is the name of an already discovered different pulsar. We have added an extra dec digit to name this pulsar J1806-21250 and tagged it in the database accordingly. Pulsar J1720-0533 already exists from www+21. The name is not being changed when inputting into the catalogue from mbz+23. 3 pulsars in dcm+23, which were input from the Arxiv paper have been renamed since we are now using the peer-reviewed publication for these discoveries. J0653+06 changed to J0653-06, J1130+09 to J1130+0921 and J1541+47 to J1541+4703. Updated 3 names for dcm+23 that were entered from the Arxiv publication. J0653+06, J1130+09 and J1541+47 are now J0653-06, J1130+0921 and J1541+4703.
2.1.12024/04/033534Tagged pulsar J1357-2350 as having its name changed from J1358-2533 after it was redetected at a different position from the MWA SMART pulsar survey. Changed period of sbb+23 pulsars from miliseconds to seconds.
2.1.02024/03/283534This is our first PSRCAT v2 data release in which we have added new parameters and pulsars. Previously new parameters would overwrite the older parameters, but now we can store multiple parameters per pulsar. In the v2 to v1 conversion (for the webpage, previous scripts etc.) we have chosen the most recently added parameter and the v1-format catalogue file contains comment lines describing where there was a choice. The updates made for this data release include: We have input new parameters and pulsars from bgf+23, ccp+23, crafts23, djk+23, gvf+23, lpz+23, sbb+23 and wyw+23. We have removed duplicated PMRA and PMDEC parameters for PSR J2047+1053 that were incorrectly entered into v1. We have updated the database schema to include a database version number for citations. We have improved storing information on database versions inside the schema. Flux and width parameters now have 'time derivative = 0' set. We have used database 'tags' to indicate papers that include incorrect parameters that have been fixed (for instance, a paper reported flux densities in mJy, but it should have been uJy) and pulsar names (a paper reported two new pulsars, but both with the same Jname and a paper also used an existing jname for a new pulsar).
2.0.12024/02/273473Add missing DIST_A citation for J0834+2200 (Crab) and J1856+0113. Flux density from rfg+22 was in mJy, but should have been in uJy - divided by 1000 for J0514-4002A, J0514-4002B, J0514-4002C, J0515-4002D, J0514-4002E, J0515-4002F, J0514-4002G, J0514-4002H, J0514-4002I, J0514-4002J, J0514-4002K, J0514-4002L, J0514-4002M, J0514-4002N
2.0.02024/02/153473Identical to v1.71 as transition to v2.
1.712024/01/113473New results to April, 2023. Includes new discoveries from FAST and data from the FermiLAT gamma-ray satellite, many other improved parameters and numerous other small corrections.
1.702023/05/193389New results to December, 2022. Includes new discoveries from CHIME and the Puschina Multibeam Survey, many improved parameters and numerous other small corrections.
1.692023/01/093359New results to September, 2022. Includes new discoveries from MeerKAT and the MWA, an updated glitch table, and numerous other small corrections.
1.682022/11/183342New results to May, 2022. Includes new discoveries from MeerKAT TRAPUM, an updated glitch table, and numerous other small corrections.
1.672022/06/293320New results to December, 2021, plus a few more recent results. Includes new discoveries from PALFA and the FAST 19-beam L-Band system, a glitch table with many new entries, and numerous other small corrections.
1.662022/01/113282New results to July, 2021, plus a few more recent results. Includes 74 discoveries and many detections from the GBNCC survey, data from a number of previously missed papers and numerous other small corrections.
1.652021/09/093177New results to December, 2020 plus some more recent results. Includes 202 new pulsars from the FAST GPPS survey, a complete update of Fermi 4FGL associations, data from a number of previously missed papers and numerous small corrections.
1.642020/11/142872New results to July, 2020. Also includes new discoveries from the HTRU_Pks, GBNCC and FAST_uwb surveys. As always, many small corrections.
1.632020/04/242812New results to December, 2019. Includes new discoveries from LOFAR (LOTAAS), Arecibo (PALFA) and an MSP found as a polarised point source by ASKAP. Many small corrections, including resolving ambiguity between B1634-45/J1637-4553 and J1637-4642.
1.622019/11/272800Several small corrections to V1.61, including fixing some duplicate entries. Added RRATs discovered using the Puschino Large Phased Array (Tyul'bashev et al., 2018).
1.612019/09/022796New results to June, 2019. Includes new discoveries from LOFAR, Arecibo, GMRT, FAST and Parkes, VLBI parallaxes from PSRPi, RMs from LOFAR and timing results from UTMOST.
1.602019/04/272702New results to December, 2018. New discoveries from palfa, FermiAssoc searches, htru_pks and a pulsar with P0=23.5s from LOTAAS. New astrometry from Gaia and timing and many new flux densities.
1.592018/08/312659New results to May, 2018. Some new discoveries, update of NANOGrav 11-yr timing parameters, many new flux densities.
1.582018/03/292636New results to January, 2018. A few new discoveries, more than 400 new or improved RMs, approximate PEPOCH for pulsars with no previous entry and a few other corrections.
1.572017/11/152627New results to October, 2017. Includes first discoveries from the Parkes SUPERB survey and corrects a number of (small) errors and inconsistencies.
1.562017/03/172613New results to February, 2017. Includes new discoveries from Fermi and palfa, and corrects a number of (small) errors and inconsistencies.
1.552016/11/142573New results to April, 2016. Includes PTA timing results, scattering results from Krishnakumar et al. (2015) and distance estimates based on the Yao, Manchester & Wang (2016) electron density model.
1.542015/11/102536New results to October, 2015. Includes new survey ghrss (10 discoveries), new flux density parameters S30 - S80, S10G - S150G, new paramaters for PTA and other pulsars and various corrections.
1.532015/06/292524New results to May, 2015. Includes 40 new discoveries from palfa and 60 from htru_pks, along with updated survey detections. Updated survey statistics in Documentation.
1.522015/03/132405New results to February, 2015 and revised independent distances. Implemented character-separated (CSV) output and condition selection on plots.
1.512014/11/132401New results to mid-November, 2014. Defined "gbncc" survey.
1.502014/05/062328New results to March 2014. Added previously missed RRATS from Burke-Spolaor et al. (2011) and Keane et al. (2011). New web interface and plotting routine, updated AXP parameters and glitch table.
1.492014/03/172311New results to February 2014. Added binary frequency and derivatives: FB0, FB1 and FB2. Added 2nd derivative terms OM2DOT, A12DOT and ECC2DOT. Added Added TASC_2, EPS1_2, EPS2_2 parameters for 2nd orbit.
1.482013/11/042302New results to October 2013. Survey "ar327" defined for Arecibo 327 MHz drift-scan survey. Rectified a few bugs in the catalogue software.
1.472013/07/042267New results to May 2013. Catalogue history table implemented - earlier versions can be accessed on the web interface.
1.462013/03/282213New results to February 2013, inclusion of previously missed Hessels et al. (2008) paper, updated glitch table, 1FGL Fermi names replaced by 2FGL names.
1.452013/02/272162New results to January 2013, new BinComp (binary companion type) Units (TDB/TCB) and flux density (S2000 S3000 etc) parameters. Dist_A takes precedence over 1/PX for Dist. Download button on web interface.
1.442012/05/172007New results to April 2012, FermiAssoc FermiBlind and palfa surveys defined.
1.432012/04/131984New results to March 2012, minor updates
1.422011/07/231973DM distances recomputed.
1.412011/05/141973New results to April 2011, XINS type replaces XDINS, Globular cluster pulsar parameters from Freire web database
1.402011/01/311880Minor fixes including adding J1846-07492.
1.392010/05/071879New pulsars and parameters to April 2010.
1.382010/01/081864New pulsars and parameters to December 2009, glitch table update.
1.372009/07/261827Add J0848-43
1.362009/06/111826New pulsars and parameters to May 2009.
1.352009/05/05179447Tuc X-ray associations.
1.342009/03/051794New pulsars and parameters to December 2008.
1.332008/05/161789New pulsars and parameters to May 2008.
1.322007/11/221775Minor fixes, removed J1744-39.
1.312007/11/021776New pulsars and parameters to October 2007.
1.302007/05/231771Removed double entry for B2255+58, minor fixes.
1.292007/02/091772Added new pulsars, mostly from lfl+06.
1.282007/01/281638Minor fixes.
1.272007/01/091638Reformat, no significant change.
1.262007/01/091638New pulsars and parameters to December, 2006.
1.252006/05/091627New pulsars and parameters to May, 2006.
1.242006/01/261561New pulsars and parameters to January, 2006.
1.232005/05/211533New pulsars and parameters to May 2005, incl Ter5 (rhs+05).
1.222005/03/111510Original references for parameters.
1.212005/01/071510Replaced ELONG,ELAT by RAJ,DecJ for hlk+04, added J1756-2251.
1.202004/12/101509New pulsars and parameters to November, 2004.
1.192004/07/271488Minor updates, added J1809-1943.
1.182004/06/221487New pulsars and parameters to May, 2004.
1.172004/04/301483New pulsars and parameters to April, 2004, mostly from hfs+04.
1.162004/03/281300Fixed discovery reference for J0751+1807.
1.152004/02/111300Minor corrections.
1.142004/02/111300Minor corrections.
1.132003/11/131300Fixed version number.
1.122003/11/131300Added version number.
1.112003/10/271300Fixed B1828-11 name.
1.102003/10/271300Astrometric parameters for J0659+1414 from btgg03.
1.92003/09/221300Fixed bbf84 ref.
1.82003/09/011300Fixed survey for B1854+00
1.72003/07/031300Minor fixes.
1.62003/06/061300Remove all ALIAS entries.
1.52003/06/061300References for associations.
1.42003/06/061300New pulsars from Arecibo (naf03), GC pulsar names to GC core posn so each GC list ordered alphabetically.
1.32003/05/211295Updates and corrections, removed spurious entries for J1435-5954 and J1905+06.
1.22003/05/121297Minor fixes, reformatting.
1.12003/05/121297Major upgrade of an existing pulsar database previously maintained by ATNF and Jodrell Bank Observatory. New web interface and documentation.

Copyright and Referencing

Free access to the programs and databases comprising the the ATNF Pulsar Catalogue are provided for bona fide research purposes. The programs and databases remain the property of the Australia Telescope National Facility, CSIRO, and are covered by the CSIRO Legal Notice and Disclaimer linked at the bottom of this page.

If you make use of information from the ATNF Pulsar Catalogue in a publication, we would appreciate acknowledgement by reference to the publication "The ATNF Pulsar Catalogue", R. N. Manchester, G. B. Hobbs, A. Teoh & M. Hobbs, Astronomical Journal, 129, 1993-2006 (2005) and by quoting the web address for updated versions.