ASKAP Science Update

ASKAP Science Update is a regular publication dedicated to conveying the latest news about ASKAP to the international science community.

The ASKAP Science Update was published by CSIRO between 2009 and 2011 to convey the latest news about ASKAP to the international science community. It has been replaced with the ASKAP Update publication.

Issue 7, December 2011 [2.8MB PDF]
Features the recent release of an image showing, for the first time, the raw on-sky port patterns from the first full-sized prototype Phased Array Feed installed on the Parkes Testbed Facility, as well as a 'Year in Review' for the ASKAP Survey Science Projects.

Issue 6, September 2011 [2.1MB PDF]
Includes an overview of the characterisation observations performed with CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array in preparation for first observations with ASKAP BETA, as well as profiles on the FLASH and CRAFT projects.

Issue 5, February 2011 [3.5MB PDF]
Highlights the release of ASKAP's Science Processing Document, which describes the processing steps required to produce scientifically useful data products with ASKAP software, as well as profiles on the DINGO and GASKAP projects.

Issue 4, October 2010 [2.8MB PDF]
Includes an update on construction of the next five ASKAP antennas in Western Australia, profiles on the VLBI and VAST projects, and news of collaborations between the ASKAP team and partners.

Issue 3, May 2010 [3.6MB PDF]
Includes an overview of the creation of realistic simulated skys using ASKAP's configuration and software tools, profiles of the WALLABY and POSSUM projects, and news of the Australian Research Council's Super Science Fellowships awarded to CSIRO and other organisations involved in SKA-related research.

Issue 2, February 2010 [4.3MB PDF]
Includes news on the construction of the first ASKAP antenna in Western Australia, profiles of the EMU and COAST projects, and a round-up of CSIRO participation in the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington DC.

Issue 1, October 2009 [2.5MB PDF]
Includes general information on ASKAP, the telescope's specifications, and an overview of the ten ASKAP Survey Science Projects selected to use the telescope in its first five years of operation.

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