ASKAP Technical Update

ASKAP Technical Update is a quarterly publication that provides a brief summary of recent science and technical developments related to ASKAP.

The ASKAP Technical Update was published by CSIRO between 2009 and 2011 to convey the latest technical news and information about the ASKAP project. It has been replaced with the ASKAP Update publication.

Issue 11, December 2011 [1.9MB PDF]
Includes a feature on the recently released image from the Parkes Testbed Facility which shows, for the first time, the raw on-sky port patterns from an ASKAP Phased Array Feed installed on the 12-m testbed antenna.

Issue 10, September 2011 [624kB PDF]
Includes news on successful testing of the first full-sized ASKAP PAF at the Parkes Testbed Facility and preparations underway for deployment of the first full receiver system to the MRO in the coming months.

Issue 9, June 2011 [721kB PDF]
Includes an update on the systems integration activities underway at the Marsfield headquarters and the Parkes Testbed Facility, as ASKAP moves into the delivery phase.

Issue 8, March 2011 [650kB PDF]
Includes a focus on the assembly of ASKAP's first two chequerboard Phased Array Feed (PAF) receiver systems, ready for initial systems integration and testing.

Issue 7, December 2010 [743kB PDF]
Includes highlights of the highly accurate surface alignment achieved with ASKAP antennas, and high-frequency astronomy possible with ASKAP when used as part of the Australian VLBI system.

Issue 6, September 2010 [955kB PDF]
Includes a feature on the handover of a new digital system from CSIRO to the SKAMP (SKA Molonglo Prototype) team.

Issue 5, May 2010 [700kB PDF]
Includes an outline of CSIRO's role in leading an international collaboration to develop phased array feeds for radio astronomy, as well as the computing power required to generate realistic simulations of the deep radio sky.

Issue 4, March 2010 [1MB PDF]
Includes news of an agreement between CSIRO and Australian company Sapphicon Semiconductor Pty Ltd to jointly develop a complete radio receiver on a chip, and the first signals received by ASKAP's first antenna during site acceptance testing.

Issue 3, December 2009 [900kB PDF]
Includes a profile of ASKAP Digital Systems Engineer John O'Sullivan, winner of the Prime Minister's Prize for Science 2009 for his achievements in astronomy and wireless technologies.

Issue 2, September 2009 [900kB PDF]
Includes an overview of ASKAP industry engagement activity.

Issue 1, June 2009 [3MB PDF]
Includes information on the ASKAP project structure, management, system engineering, team experience and overall project impact.

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