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ASKAP Update is a regular series dedicated to conveying the latest news about the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) project to international science and engineering communities.

ASKAP Update is a regular series dedicated to conveying the latest news about the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) project to international science and engineering communities. It will also provide a deeper look at key aspects of ASKAP’s development.

ASKAP Update replaces the ASKAP Science Update and ASKAP Technical Update publications.

To receive notification of online publication of each new edition of ASKAP Update, email the ASKAP Update Editor, Flornes Yuen.


Issue 9, November 2015 [1.0MB PDF]
This edition features the first multi-beam image produced with our second generation phased array feed (PAF) receivers, the plan for ASKAP commissioning with the Mk II PAFs, as well as an announcement about the ASKAP2016 conference to be held in Sydney in 2016.

Issue 8, August 2015 [1.0MB PDF]
Commissioning activities with the first six antennas of CSIRO’s Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP), installed with first-generation phased array feed (PAF) receivers, have already achieved significant initial scientific results that are ‘proof of concept’ for ASKAP and lay the groundwork for some of the ten Survey Science Projects (SSPs).

Issue 7, September 2014 [3.7MB PDF]
The latest news from the ASKAP team includes promising results from ground aperture array tests on the second generation (Mk II) phased array feed receiver, now deployed to the MRO, as well as commissioning and early science activities with the Boolardy Engineering Test Array that are demonstrating key features of ASKAP design and helping the team prepare for the full fit-out of the ASKAP telescope.

Issue 6, June 2014 [4.3MB PDF]
Early images of the sky using ASKAP have confirmed that the test array, BETA, is functioning as an aperture-synthesis telescope; these tests have been supported by the launch of the ASKAP RTC at iVEC's Pawsey Centre and 'Busy Days' being held by the commissioning team. Additionally at Parkes, CSIRO, NRC and ASTRON are working together on SKA pre-construction.

Issue 5, December 2013 [350kB PDF]
This edition highlights successful tests of the second generation (MkII) PAF receivers that have demonstrated near-optimal system performance across the entire ASKAP band, recent commissioning activities with ASKAP at the MRO, preparation for the Science Data Archive, and a lead role for CSIRO in SKA R&D.

Issue 4, May 2013 [540kB PDF]
A spotlight on various commissioning activities over recent months, including the first multi-beam test image from multiple PAF receivers, remote access to the MRO, and a summer vacation student's investigation into the likely signals that may be detected by major telescopes other than those originating from space.

Issue 3, December 2012 [2.4MB PDF]
Includes a feature on the ASKAP Opening Ceremony, re cent successful phase closure tests using three of CSIRO's PAF receivers installed on ASKAP antennas at the MRO, further progress in the design enhancement program, and ASKAP's occupation of the new MRO Control Building.

Issue 2, August 2012 [1.0MB PDF]
Highlights the completion of ASKAP antenna assembly at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, end-to-end system verification tests underway on phased array feed (PAF) receiver technology, development of the next generation PAF, ASKAP Central Processor installation to begin in 2013, and a profile on ASKAP's newest Project Scientist.

Issue 1, April 2012 [2.2MB PDF]
Features the progress of infrastructure construction at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory; the path to ASKAP commissioning; reports on testing innovative phased array feeds for ASKAP, science commissioning activities, and simulating the data flow from ‘BETA’ – the first six ASKAP antennas; and a photo story on the construction of the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory Support Facility in Geraldton.



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