RAFCAP membership and history

RAFCAP started in 2001 and its membership has periodically changed. The table below gives links to the current membership and to the membership history.

Since 2008, RAFCAP has introduced associated membership for colleagues who want to stay in touch with RAFCAP news but may not be able to be full members.

25 May2020  current_rafcap_members.html

14 Dec2018  rafcap_members_20181214.html
21 Apr2017  rafcap_members_20170421.html
09 Jul2013  rafcap_members_20130709.html
02 Sep2011  rafcap_members_20110902.html
02 Jul2010  rafcap_members_20100702.html
08 Aug2008  rafcap_members_20080808.html
28 Jul2005  rafcap_members_20050728.html
26 May2005  rafcap_members_20050526.html
06 Jan2003  rafcap_members_20030106.html
14 Aug2002  rafcap_members_initial.htm