Final Program

Day 1: Sunday 15th

Afternoon: Check-in
Evening: Welcome Reception with Snacks 17:00 - 20:00

Day 2: Monday 16th

ChairRobert Braun
09:00 (10min)Robert BraunWelcome
09:10 (40min)Ron EkersAGN and Galaxy Evolution
09:50 (40min)Richard ManchesterThe Parkes Pulsar Timing Array Project
10:30Coffee break
11:00 (30min)Andy BunkerGalaxy Evolution at the Earliest Accessible Times
11:30 (30min)Mark LacyHigh Redshift Radio Galaxies and SMBH Evolution
12:00 (30min)Stephen FineBlack Hole Growth and QSOs
12:30Lunch break
ChairAndy Bunker
14:00 (30min)Roger WindhorstWhen during galaxy assembly did AGN growth take place
14:30 (30min)Ron EkersThe Australia Telescope 20 GHz Survey
15:00Coffee break
15:30 (30min)Elaine SadlerRadio Galaxies and Black-Hole Demographics
16:00 (30min)Scott CroomThe evolution of super-massive black holes and their hosts
16:30End of day 1

Day 3: Tuesday 17th

ChairMark Lacy
09:00 (30min)Michael BrownThe Past 8 Billion years of Red Galaxy Growth
09:30 (30min)Warren BrownHypervelocity stars Ejected from Galactic Nuclei
10:00 (30min)Barney RickettRedshift Dependence of Rapid Radio Scintillation from the MASIV survey
10:30Coffee break
11:00 (30min)Zhonglue WenMergers of Luminous Early-type Galaxies in the Local Universe and Implication for Gravitational Wave Background
11:30 (30min)Julie ComerfordA New Way of Identifying Galaxy Mergers: Offset AGN in Galaxy Merger Remnants in the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey
12:00 (30min)Chiaki KobayashiChemodynamical Simulations of the Universe & Elliptical Galaxies
12:30Lunch break
ChairKen Kellerman
14:00 (30min)Lakshmi SaripalliX-shaped Radio Sources
14:30 (30min)Sarah BurkeThe Life and Times of SMBH Binaries
15:00Coffee break
15:30 (30min)Ray NorrisATLAS: Co-evolution of AGNs and Star Formation
16:00 (15min)Elizabeth MahonyActive Galaxies at High Radio Frequencies
16:15 (30min)Sterl PhinneyHow LISA works: for Radio Astronomers
16:45End of day 2

Day 4: Wednesday 18th (Afternoon Free)

ChairElaine Sadler
09:00 (30min) Raffaella MorgantiGalaxy Mergers and Radio Galaxies
09:30 (30min)Daniel YardleySensitivity of Pulsar Timing Arrays to Individual Sources of Gravitational Waves
10:00 (30min)Matt JarvisMeasuring Black-hole Masses and Evolution of the M_BH: M_Bulge Relation
10:30Coffee break
11:00 (30min)Ken KellermannRelativistic Jets as Tracers of SMBHs
11:30 (30min)Stefanie KomossaAGN Pairs, Binary Supermassive Black-holes and Recoiling SMBHs
12:00 (30min)Laura BlechaObservable Signatures of Ejected Black Holes
12:30Lunch break

Afternoon: Grand Canyon bush-walk for the intrepid

Day 5: Thursday 19th

ChairDavid Champion
09:00 (30min)Fredrick JenetPulsar Timing and the Properties of Gravitational Waves
09:30 (30min)Scott HughesTracing the Growth of Black Holes through Gravitational-wave Observations
10:00 (30min)Joris VerbiestPulsar Stability (and a New Limit on the GW Background from Pulsar Timing)
10:30Coffee break
11:00 (30min)Joan CentrellaSimulating Gravitational Wave Emission from Massive Black Hole Binaries
11:30 (30min)Bence KocsisPrompt Electromagnetic Transients during Supermassive Black Hole Mergers
12:00 (30min)George HobbsFrom Limits to Detection of a Gravitational Wave Signal
12:30Lunch break
ChairGeorge Hobbs
14:00 (30min)William ColesDetection of the Incoherent Gravitational Wave Background with Pulsar Timing Arrays
14:30 (30min)Marta BurgayFinding New Pulsars for Timing Array Projects
15:00Coffee break
15:30 (30min)Na WangLarge Radio Telescopes in China
16:00 (30min)David BlairGround-based Gravitational Wave Detection
16:30End of day 4

Evening: Conference Dinner 19:00 - 22:00

Day 6: Friday 20th (Finish Early)

ChairRick Jenet
09:00 (30min)David ChampionThe PALFA Survey
09:30 (30min)Sterl PhinneyBeauty, the Beast and Gravitational Waves
10:00 (15min)Hiroshi SudouSearch for Orbital Motion of Binary Black Holes
10:15 (15min)Katie HowardRelativistic Emission from the Sgr A* Accretion Disk
10:30Coffee break
10:59 J.-P. Macquart (with thanks!)Conference Photo
11:00 (20min)Scott CroomDiscussion Session: Galaxy Merger Rates
11:20 (20min)Michael BrownDiscussion Session: Galaxy Merger Rates
11:40 (20min)Elaine SadlerDiscussion Session: Finding Binaries
12:00 (30min)Ron EkersConference Summary
12:30Lunch break and End of Conference