ATCA HI Galactic Center Survey


The ATCA HI Galactic Center Survey is a survey of atomic hydrogen (HI) emission in the direction of the Galactic Center conducted with the CSIRO AustraliaTelescope Compact Array (ATCA).  The survey covers the area -5° < l < +5°, -5° < b < +5° over the velocity range -309 < vLSR < 349 km/s with a  velocity resolution of 1 km/s.  The ATCA data are supplemented with data from the Parkes Radio Telescope for sensitivity to all angular  scales larger than the 145 arcsec angular resolution of the survey.  The mean rms brightness temperature across the field is 0.7 K, except near (l,b)= (0°,0°) where it increases to ~2  K.  This survey complements the Southern Galactic Plane Survey to  complete the continuous coverage of the inner Galactic plane in HI at ~2 arcmin resolution.

N. M. McClure-Griffiths (CASS), J. M. Dickey (UTas), B. M. Gaensler (USyd), A. J. Green (USyd), J. A. Green (CASS), & M. Haverkorn (Radboud Uni)

Data are published in McClure-Griffiths et al (2012, ApJS, 199, 12)