Darling Harbour

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The international conference `Galaxies in the Local Volume' focussed on the distribution, kinematics & star formation of galaxies that reside within 10 Mpc. This included high-resolution multi-wavelengths ISM studies as well as simulations of individual galaxies and galaxy groups.

The conference was held in 2007, July 8 to 13, at the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The venue is located in close proximity to the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre where the IAU General Assembly was held in July 2003.

About 130 participants from around the world provided an exciting and enjoyable forum for presentations and discussions of the latest results on all aspects - observational & theoretical - of nearby galaxies. - A big THANK YOU to all participants from the LOC.

The Proceedings of this symposium, including most talks and posters, were submitted to Springer at the end of September 2007. The book is now published (Oct 2008) by Springer, Astrophysics and Space Science Series (Springer apologises for the delay). All participants should have received their copies. Enjoy ! --- and thanks again to all contributors.

Pictures from the conference are now on-line.

The "Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference on the Magellanic System" was successfully held over two days, July 16/17, at the ATNF Headquarters in Epping.

The conference was supported by the following institutions and universities:

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