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Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference on the Magellanic System

Thanks to all who attended the very interesting and productive "Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference on the Magellanic System".
This meeting was held at the CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) headquarters in Epping, July 16/17.

The two-day workshop attracted around 60 delegates from around the world: theorists, radio, optical, mm and sub-mm results focusing on the Magellanic System were presented and discussed.

A programme of the two-days is available here

Further information about this conference can be obtained from:

Where now?

As promised, I am putting all presentations online. They are available from the Program link. Please email on the above address if you'd rather not have your presentation online.

We have invited all key speakers to submit their presentation to the reviewed "Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia" (PASA). Although these submissions will not represent an official proceedings of the Meeting, they will comprise a special section of the journal. We've attempted to contact all key speakers regarding this submission, but it is possible some emails have gone astray. Key speakers may also contact us on the email address shown above.