Invited Speakers

The conference will comprise a selection of invited presentations from experts summarising a number of recent, large surveys focussing on both galactic and extra-galactic surveys and their key science drivers. We hope that the contributed presentations will focus on the new and exciting science coming from large surveys, highlight current and future follow-up projects that utilize large surveys, and how these surveys will guide planning for the next generation of large surveys. If you would like to present a contributed talk please submit an abstract when you register.

We are pleased and honoured to begin the conference with a Keynote Address by Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt.

Confirmed speakers:

Matthew Colless - The importance of surveys and survey astronomy
Roc Cutri - WISE
Olivier Perdereau - Planck
Ettore Caretti - S-PASS
George Heald - LOFAR
Steven Tingay - MWA
Naomi McClure-Griffiths - GASS
Frederic Schuller - ATLASGAL
Andrew Walsh - HOPS
James Jackson - MALT90
Gayandhi De Silva - GALAH
Loretta Dunne - Overview of Herschel surveys
Jim Dunlop - Overview of VISTA surveys
Konrad Kuijken - Overview of VST surveys
Simon Driver - GAMA
Gabriel Pratt - REXCESS
Andreas Wicenec - The Virtual Observatory
Darren Croton - TAO