The role of stellar mass and environment for cluster blue fraction, AGN, and star formation

Kevin Pimbblet (Monash University)

I will present our analysis of the galaxy population of an intermediate X-ray luminosity galaxy cluster from SDSS that has extensive spectroscopic coverage and Galaxy Zoo data available to elucidate the relationships between environment and galaxy stellar mass for an array of observationally important cluster populations that include the Butcher-Oemler blue fraction, the active galactic nucleus (AGN) fraction and a variety of spectroscopic classes of galaxies.

I will demonstrate that there is a mild increase in the AGN fraction with radius from the cluster centre that appears mainly driven by high-mass galaxies [log(stellar mass) > 10.8], in contrast to previous studies. Although the cluster blue fraction follows the same radial trend, it is caused primarily by lower mass galaxies [log(stellar mass)

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