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Innovation and Discovery in Radio Astronomy: a celebration of the career of Ron Ekers

RonFest 2016 is a celebration of the career of Prof. Ron Ekers and is designed to cover a diverse range of topics that Ron has influenced in his career.

The first three days are focused on innovation in radio astronomy and he last day covers the broader impacts of Ron's career including policy, history, international projects and wider science areas.

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Invited speakers:

Matthew Bailes, John Brooks, Tim Cornwell, Miller Goss, Anne Green, Claire Hooker, Justin Jonas, Ken Kellerman, Haida Liang, J-P Macquart, Marcella Massardi, George Miley, Tara Murphy, John O’Sullivan, Marcus Price, Elaine Sadler, Peter Shaver, Lister Staveley-Smith and Jacqueline van Gorkom

Conference image credit Ilana Feain, Tim Cornwell & Ron Ekers.