AT Hubble Deep Field South

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HST image of the HDFS The Australia Telescope Hubble Deep Field South (ATHDFS) Survey is a deep radio survey of the Hubble Deep Field South. Observations have been performed at all four cm bands of the Australia Telescope Compact Array. The result is one of the most sensitive radio images of the sky ever made. The ATHDFS team are using this radio data, combined with the publicly available data across the electro-magnetic spectrum, to study galaxies in the early universe.

ATHDFS Project Details


AT image of the HDFS

Many people at the ATNF have contributed to the success of this project. Any queries should be directed to one of the following team members:

Minh Huynh (RSAA, ANU, Australia)
Ray Norris (CSIRO ATNF, Australia)
Carole Jackson (CSIRO ATNF, Australia)

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