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BCC Interface MK II ( 1 external bus)

The BCC Interface MK II is a replacement for the earlier MK I version, and can support the existing protocol as well as the multiplexed address/data protocol as described here. The main advantage of this protocol is that it requires fewer wires to implement (26 in all), and is capable of greater data rate, however these advantages are offset by the need for more "intelligence" at the far end.
The MKII interface has only 1 Xilinx IC and some interface ICs which results in a much simpler, easier to manufacture board.


BCC Interface MKI / PCB Ver2.1 (3 external buses)

BCC Interface MKI / PCB Ver 2.1 (1 external bus)

The AT correlator "External bus interface" is designed to interface to an 80x86 mother board's 8/16 bit
ISA bus.
The external bus provides addressing for 32K by 16-bit words of memory and six specific purpose 16-bit
registers. The external bus consists of a non-multiplexed, 50 pin header, containing...
o 16 data lines (D15..0)
o 15 address lines (A14..0)
o Write/Read control line (-WR)
o A command acknowledge line (-ACK)
o A general purpose strobe line (-STB)
o Six specific purpose strobe lines (-R5STB..-R0STB)
o Eight ground lines.
One "External bus interface" board may optimally interface upto three external buses (channels) at once
in one ISA slot. For proper software operation the hardware should be configured before use. This is
described in the section Hardware Configuration.

BCC Command Documentation in pdf
Hardware Documentation in pdf


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