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Correlator Interface

PCI Correlator Interface

PCI Correlator Interface. FULL DOCUMENTATION in pdf
The PCI Correlator Interface is a plug-in card that allows the connection between the PCI bus and the dedicated Correlator 24/32 bit output bus. As the key logic on the card is handled by a Xilinx FPGA and a highly configurable PCI interface IC, many alternate functions not included here, can be easily implemented.


Notable Features are :

  • Maximum PCI data rate of 66MB/second (single control/data mapping).

  • All I/O lines on Correlator Bus, and Auxillary Bus balanced TTL.

  • Programmable external data transfer length from 1 to 16384 data words (32 bit).

  • Supports simultaneous transfer from correlator bus to buffer memory and buffer memory to PCI bus.

  • Occupies 256KB block of memory space on PCI bus.Control and Status as 5 X 32 bit registers.

  • Interrupts on Data Transfer Completion, Timeout error, External Signal and/or any/all of the 4 Auxillary input lines..

  • 4 auxillary input and 4 auxillary output lines.

  • Transaction timeout limiter set to 256 system (usually PCI) clock periods.

  • Selectable system clock rates: PCI, or onboard crystal oscillator.

  • Activity light for PCI transactions, and for Correlator Bus transactions.



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