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Invited speakers

Firstname Surname Country Preliminary Title
Esteban Araya USA Formaldehyde Masers in the Galaxy
Willem Baan Netherlands to be provided
Crystal Brogan USA OH (1720 MHz) masers: Signposts of supernova remnant/molecular cloud interactions
Valentin Bujarrabal Spain The study of the close environments of evolved stars from SiO masers
James Caswell Australia to be provided
Raymond Cohen UK The methanol multibeam project (provisional)
John Conway Sweden Modelling of clumpy OH maser emission in starbursts
Richard Crutcher USA to be provided
Jeremy Darling USA Review: Masers and starburst activity
James de Buizer Chile The infrared environments of methanol and water masers associated with star formation
Shuji Deguchi Japan SiO Maser Survey in the Galactic Bulge and Disk
Moshe Elitzur USA Review: Maser theory
Simon Ellingsen Australia Investigating high-mass star formation through methanol maser surveys
Vincent Fish USA Review: Masers and star formation
Yolanda Gomez Mexico Maser emission in planetary nebulae
Malcolm Gray UK Tracing pumping routes in OH (and possibly, by then, in water)
Anne Green Australia Opportunities for maser studies with the Square Kilometre Array
Lincoln Greenhill USA Review: Masers in AGN environments
Harm Habing Netherlands SiO maser surveys and the distribution of maser stars in our Milky Way
Jin-Lin Han China The large-scale magnetic field of our Galaxy
Christian Henkel Germany to be provided
Liz Humphreys USA Review: New millimetre and sub-millimetre masers
Todd Hunter USA 658 GHz water masers with the Submillimeter Array
Hiroshi Imai Japan Stellar molecular jets traced by maser emission
Athol Kemball USA Review: Stellar masers, circumstellar envelopes and supernovae remnants
Karl Menten Germany Review: Future maser science and new facilities
Michele Pestalozzi UK Methanol masers as tools to study high-mass star formation.
Ylva Pihlstrom USA OH megamasers as extragalactic diagnostics
Mark Reid USA Review: Masers and the Galactic Centre/Galactic structure
Andrej Sobolev Russia How do methanol masers manage to appear in the youngest star vicinities and isolated molecular clumps
Marco Spaans Netherlands Review: Diagnostics and interpretation in extragalactic environments
Vladmimir Strelnitski USA Review: Masers as probes of supersonic turbulence
Wouter Vlemmings UK Review: Polarization and magnetic fields
Bill Watson USA Spectral and polarization characteristics of maser radiation
Alwyn Wooten USA ALMA's view of maser emission
Farhad Yusef-Zadeh USA Masers as probes of interacting supernova remnants and massive star formation in the Galactic Center region