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The meeting included around 60 oral presentations and 70 poster papers, as summarised in the table below. Column 6 gives a link to the paper if the file(s) has been made available.

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Participant surname Participant firstname Affiliation Title Web Link .tex, .eps,
.ps files
Consent form received?
Session 1: Maser theory
101 Elitzur Moshe University of Kentucky Maser Theory pdf (775 KB)
gamma_81.wmv (movie: 2.7 MB)
spine_movie.wmv (movie: 3.0 MB))
102 Gray Malcolm University of Manchester Tracing pumping routes in OH pdf (101 KB) Yes Yes
103 Strelnitski Vladimir Maria Mitchell Observatory Masers as probes of supersonic turbulence
Yes No
Session 1: Posters
104 Mendoza Eduardo Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica Optica y Electronica Influence of correlated turbulence on the shape of a spectral line. The analytical approach pdf (341 KB) Yes Yes
105 Pratap Preeti MIT Haystack Observatory Short-term Variability in Class I Methanol Masers
Yes Yes
Session 2: Polarisation and magnetic fields
201 Vlemmings Wouter Jodrell Bank Observatory Polarization and magnetic fields pdf (14.5 MB) Yes Yes
202 Crutcher Richard University of Illinois Magnetic fields in the non-masing ISM pdf (819 KB) Yes Yes
203 Han JinLin National Astronomical Observatories Magnetic fields of our Galaxy on large-scales and small scales pdf (2.2 MB) Yes Yes
Session 2: Posters
204 Bains Indra Swinburne University of Technology Maser polarimetry with the Long Baseline Array: The star forming region G340.054-0.24
Yes Yes
205 Zhou Jianjun Urumqi Observatory EVN polarization observation toward SNR W44 pdf (194 KB) Yes Yes
206 Horiuchi Shinji Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex Tidbinbilla Radio Telescopes: powerful tools for maser science in southern hemisphere
Yes No
Session 3: Masers and star formation
301 Fish Vincent NRAO, Socorro Masers and star formation pdf (2.2 MB) Yes Yes
302 Sobolev Andrej Ural State University How do methanol masers manage to appear in the youngest star vicinities and isolated molecular clumps pdf (10.2 MB) Yes Yes
303 Pestalozzi Michele University of Herfordshire Methanol masers as tools to study high-mass star formation. pdf (1.4 MB) Yes Yes
304 Goedhart Sharmila Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory Periodic variations in 6.7-GHz methanol masers pdf (2.2 MB) Yes Yes
305 de Buizer James Gemini Observatory The infrared environments of methanol and water masers associated with star formation pdf (1.4 MB) Yes
306 Araya Esteban New Mexico Tech & National Radio Astronomy Observatory Formaldehyde masers in the Galaxy pdf (5.2 MB) Yes Yes
307 Hill Tracey Leiden Observatory Profiling Young Massive Stars pdf (836 KB) Yes Yes
308 Longmore Steven University of New South Wales The molecular environment of massive star forming cores associated with Class II methanol maser emission.
Yes Yes
309 Goss Miller NRAO Intrinsic Short Term Variability in W3 (OH) and W49N Hydroxyl Masers pdf (103 KB) Not publishing Not publishing
310 Moscadelli Luca INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri Massive Star-Formation in the Region G24.78+0.08 studied by means of Maser VLBI and Thermal Interferometric Observations pdf (3.7 MB) Yes Yes
Session 3: Posters
311 Araya Esteban New Mexico Tech & National Radio Astronomy Observatory Variability Study of the H2CO 6cm Maser in IRAS18566+040 pdf (9.9 MB) Yes Yes
312 Blaszkiewicz Leszek University of Warmia and Mazury The variability of 12.2 and 6.7 GHz methanol masers
Yes Yes
313 Breen Shari University of Tasmania A search for water masers within the G333.2-0.6 giant molecular cloud
Yes Yes
314 de Gregorio-
Itziar European Southern Observatory A sensitive survey for water masers towards Bok globules
Yes Yes
315 Doi Akihiro Yamaguchi University Japanese VLBI Network observations of 6.7-GHz methanol masers I. Array
Yes Yes
316 Gaylard Michael Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory Tick Tock - The 12.2 GHz methanol masers in G9.62-0.20 pdf (1.2 MB) Yes Yes
317 Goddi Ciriaco Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics VLBI observations of H2O and CH3OH masers in two high-mass young stellar objects pdf (1.6 MB) Yes Yes
318 Harvey-Smith Lisa Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe Discovery of polarized 6.7-GHz methanol masers in DR21/W75 jpg (1.1 MB,
increase browser view size)
Yes Yes
319 Harvey-Smith Lisa Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe Polarization of 6.0-Ghz OH masers in W3(OH) jpg (1.1 MB,
increase browser view size)
Yes Yes
320 Hirota Tomoya National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Astrometry of H$_{2}$O maser sources in nearby molecular clouds with VERA
Yes Yes
321 Hofner Peter New Mexico Tech The 44 GHz CH3OH Maser Line in Massive Star Forming Regions
322 Hutawarakorn Kramer Busaba National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) LBA observations of the OH masers in the star-forming region OH330.953-0.182
Yes Yes
323 Matthews Lynn Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Probing the dynamical evolution of Orion Source I on 10-100 AU scales using SiO masers

Yes Yes
324 Migenes Victor Universidad de Guanajuato Low mass star formation in Bright Rimmed Clouds
Yes Yes
325 Migenes Victor Universidad de Guanajuato An OH maser flare with a strong magnetic field (poster paper on behalf of Slava Slysh)
Yes Yes
326 Moellenbrock George National Radio Astronomy Observatory A Precise Distance to IRAS 00420+5530 via H2O Maser Parallax with the VLBA
Yes Yes
327 Sato Mayumi National Astronomical Observaotry of Japan Absolute proper motions of water masers in NGC 281 measured with VERA
Yes Yes
328 Smits Derck University of South Africa A search for 1720 MHz OH masers towards Herbig-Haro objects
Yes Yes
329 Sugiyama Koichiro Yamaguchi University The Japanese VLBI Network observations of 6.7 GHz methanol masers II. Results.
Yes Yes
330 Torstensson Kalle Leiden Observatory/JIVE Where methanol masers spring
Yes Yes
331 Trinidad Miguel Angel Departamento de Astronomia, Universidad de Guanajuato Water Maser and Radio Continuum Emission Toward IRAS 23139+5939
332 van der Walt Johan Unit for Space Physics, North-West University Inferences from the kinematics of 6.7 GHz methanol masers pdf (67KB) Not publishing Not publishing
333 Voronkov Maxim Australia Telescope National Facility The Australia Telescope campaign to study southern class I methanol masers pdf (313 KB) Yes Yes
334 Wong-
Daniel University of Manchester Selected Sources From The Galactic Methanol Maser Survey, l = 20 to 40 degrees
Yes Yes
335 Alakoz Alex Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute Spectral and VLBI-structure monitoring of OH-maser flare in W75N
Yes Yes
336 Green James Jodrell Bank Observatory A MERLIN study of 6.7 GHz Methanol and 6 GHz OH in ON1
Yes Yes
337 Bartkiewicz Anna
G23.657-0.127, what can we learn from a perfect methanol maser source?
Yes Yes
338 Szymczak Marian Torun Centre for Astronomy Toward constraining of methanol maser environments [Give as poster]
Yes Yes
Session 4: Galactic maser surveys
401 Caswell James Australia Telescope National Facility Recent maser surveys pdf (525 KB) Yes Yes
402 Deguchi Shuji Nobeyama Radio Observatory, NAOJ SiO Maser Survey of Evolved Stars in the Galaxy: Various Environments of Maser Sources pdf (607 KB) Yes Yes
403 Pandian Jagadheep Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy The Arecibo methanol maser Galactic plane survey pdf (1.2 MB) Yes Yes
404 Ellingsen Simon University of Tasmania Investigating high-mass star formation through maser surveys pdf (16.2 MB) Yes Yes
405 Green James Jodrell Bank Observatory The Methanol Multibeam survey pdf (1.2 MB) Yes Yes
406 Brand Jan INAF-Istituto di Radioastronomia A 20-year H$_2$O maser monitoring program with the Medicina telescope pdf (13.4 MB) Yes Yes
Session 4: Posters
407 De Witt Alet University of South Africa Groundstate OH masers associated with Herbig-Haro objects
Combined with 328 See 328
408 Esimbek Jarken Urumqi Observatory Study on the large-scale distribution and physical properties of massive star forming regions in the Milky way
Yes Yes
409 Forster Richard UC Berkeley, Hat Creek Radio Observatory Multiple Masers in Massive Star-Forming Regions pdf (7.0 MB) Yes No
410 McDonnell Korinne Macquarie University A search for OH 6 GHz maser emission towards southern supernova remnants
Yes Yes
411 Mochizuki Suzuyama Nanako Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Survey of outer Galaxy molecular lines associated with water masers

412 Sunada Kazuyoshi Nobeyama Radio Observatory Nobeyama water maser survey

415 Umemoto Tomofumi Nobeyama Radio Observatory Mm wavelength methanol masers survey towards massive star forming regions
Yes Yes
416 Walsh Andrew James Cook University HOPS: A survey for water masers in the southern Galaxy.
Not publishing Not publishing
Session 5: Stellar masers, circumstellar wiinds and supernova remnants
501 Kemball Athol University of Illinois Stellar masers, circumstellar envelopes and supernova remnants
502 Wittkowski Markus European Southern Observatory The Mira variable S Ori: SiO maser shells related to the stellar photosphere, the molecular layers, and the dust shell at three epochs pdf (4.9 MB) Yes Yes
503 Humphreys Roberta University of Minnesota The hypergiant maser sources: episodic mass loss, convective activity and magnetic fields
pdf (696 KB) Yes
504 Jones Terry University of Minnesota The 3D Morphology of the ejecta surrounding VY Canis Majoris
pdf (1.0 MB) Yes Yes
505 Richards Anita Jodrell Bank Observatory The story of red supergiant winds written in water pdf (1.5 MB) Yes No
506 Nakashima Jun-ichi ASIAA SiO maser observations of a wide dust-temperature range sample pdf (719 KB) Yes Yes
507 Bujarrabal Valentin Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, The study of the close environments of evolved stars from SiO masers pdf (988 KB) Yes Yes
508 Imai Hiroshi Kagoshima University Stellar molecular jets traced by maser emission pdf (194 KB)
avi (movie) (17.2 MB)
Yes Yes
509 Chapman Jessica Australia Telescope National Facility A search for water maser emission from post-AGB stars: Discovery of three high-velocity sources pdf (819 KB)

510 Gomez Yolanda Centro de Radioastronomía y Astrofísica
Maser emission in planetary nebulae pdf (1.3 MB) Yes Yes
511 Brogan Crystal National Radio Astronomy Observatory OH (1720 MHz) masers: Signposts of supernova remnant/molecular cloud Interactions pdf (2.7 MB) Yes Yes
512 Hewitt Jack Northwestern University OH 1720 MHz maser emission from supernova remnants
Yes Yes
Session 5: Posters
513 Chen Xi Shanghai Astronomical Observatory VLBI studies of SiO masers around VX Sagitarii
Yes Yes
514 Cho Se-Hyung Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Observations of SiO J=2-1 and J=3-2 Masers toward Evolved Stars with the TRAO 14m Telescope
Yes Yes
515 Engels Dieter Hamburger Sternwarte Detection of Post-AGB cores in 'non-variable' OH/IR stars

Not publishing Not publishing
516 Engels Dieter Hamburger Sternwarte A database of circumstellar OH masers
Yes Yes
517 Engels Dieter Hamburger Sternwarte Variations of masers in circumstellar shells on the timescale of decades pdf (635 KB) Yes Yes
518 He Jinhua Insitute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Academia Sinica Infrared OH absorption lines in OH 1612MHz maser sources.
Yes Yes
519 Kamohara Ryuichi Mizusawa VERA Observatory, NAOJ VLBI phase-referencing observation of SiO masers toward R Aqr pdf (440 KB) Yes
520 McAlpine Kim Rhodes University A map of OH maser emission from the proto-Planetary Nebula OHPN9
Yes Yes
521 Nakagawa Akihura Kagoshima University VLBI Monitoring of Mira variables with VERA pdf (455 KB) Yes Yes
522 Richter Laura Rhodes University A VLBI Polarisation Study of SiO masers towards VY CMa
Yes Yes
523 Rudnitskij Georgij Sternberg Astronomical Institute Twenty-six-year monitoring of water masers pdf (480 KB) Yes Yes
524 Soria Ruiz Rebeca Joint Insitute for VLBI in Europe HCN and SiO maser emission in Carbon and Oxygen AGB stars
Yes Yes
525 Tafoya Daniel Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Water masers in young planetary nebulae
Yes Yes
526 Wardle Mark Macquarie University Collisional excitation of OH (6049 MHz) masers in SNR - molecular cloud interactions
Yes Yes
527 Desmurs Jean-Francois Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, Madrid VLBA H$_2$O and SiO maser observations in the pPN OH231.8+4.2
528 Imai Hiroshi Kagoshima University A collimated jet and an infalling-rotating disk in G192.16-3.84 traced by water maser emission
Yes Yes
529 Vlemmings & van Langevelde Wouter & Huib JIVE Dwingeloo Improving the parallaxes of OH bearing Miras pdf (1.4MB) Yes Yes
530 Desmurs Jean-Francois Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, Madrid Discrete survey of 5-cm OH emission from planetary and proto-planetary nebulae.
531 Szymczak Marian Torun Centre for Astronomy Outburst in OH17.7-2.0
Yes Yes
Session 6: Masers, Galactic structure and the Galactic Centre
601 Reid Mark Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Masers as probes of Galactic structure pdf (1.9 MB) Yes
602 Habing Harm Leiden Observatory Maser stars in the galactic bar
603 Honma Mareki National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Galactic rotation measurements based on H2O maser astrometry with VERA pdf (1.1 MB) Yes Yes
604 Yusef-Zadeh Farhad Northwestern University Masers as probes of interacting supernova remnants and massive star formation in the Galactic Center region pdf (MB) Yes
Session 6: Posters
605 Xu Ye Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie Trigonometric parallax towards some massive star forming regions
Yes No
606 Gonzalez Fernandez Carlos Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias TCS-CAIN: Spectro-photometric survey of the Galactic plane
Yes Yes
607 Asaki Yosiharu Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Annual parallax measurements of S Persei with water vapor masers
Yes Yes
Session 7: Masers in AGN environments
701 Greenhill Lincoln Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Masers in AGN Environments
Yes No
702 Kameno Seiji Kagoshima University Scanning accreting matter in the active galaxy NGC 1052

703 Moran Jim Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics The Structure of the Accretion Disk in NGC4258 Derived from Observations of its Water Vapor Masers
Yes Yes
704 Braatz James National Radio Astronomy Observatory Precision Cosmology with H2O Megamasers: Measuring Distances to NGC 6323 and UGC 3789
Yes Yes
Session 7: Posters
705 Braatz James National Radio Astronomy Observatory An atlas of extragalactic water vapor masers
706 Castangia Paola INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari Investigating the nature of low luminoisty extragalactic H2O masers
Yes Yes
707 Sawada-Satoh Satoko ASIAA Coincidence of Relative Position between Water Maser Gas and a Dense Plasma Torus in NGC 1052

Yes Yes
708 Tarchi Andrea INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari The nuclear environment of the water megamaser radio galaxy 3C403
Yes Yes
709 Uscanga Lucero Centro de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica - UNAM Position-Velocity Diagrams for the Maser Emission coming from a Keplerian Ring
Yes Yes
710 Yamauchi Aya University of Tsukuba Water-vapor maser disk at the nucleus of the Seyfert 2 IC 2560
Yes Yes
711 Zhang Jiang-shui Center for astrophysics, Guangzhou University Statistical properties of extragalactic H2O masers
Yes Yes
Session 8: Megamaser and starburst activity
801 Darling Jeremy University of Colorado Masers in starburst galaxies
Yes Yes
802 Argo Megan Jodrell Bank Observatory OH main line masers in the M82 starburst pdf (969 KB) Yes Yes
803 Lonsdale Colin MIT Haystack Observatory OH emission and absorption associated with supernovae in Arp 220

804 Baan Willem ASTRON Understanding the Arp 220 system
805 Henkel Christian Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie OH and H_2O megamasers
(Will not publish this)
Not publishing Not publishing
Session 9: Diagnostics and interpretation in extragalactic environements
901 Pihlstrom Ylva University of New Mexico OH megamasers as extragalactic diagnostics
Yes Yes
902 Spaans Marco Kapteyn Institute, Groningen Molecular diagnostics of ULIGs (Given as contributed paper by Baan on behalf of Marco Spaans)
903 Parra Rodrigo Onsala Space Observatory Modelling of clumpy OH maser emission in starbursts (given as contributed talk in place of John Conway)
Yes Yes
904 Loenen Edo Kapteyn Astronomical Institute Infrared and molecular properties of OH megamasers pdf (801 KB) Yes Yes
905 Robishaw Tim University of California, Berkeley The discovery of extragalactic magnetic fields in OH megamasers
Session 10: New mm and sub-mm masers
1001 Humphreys Liz Harvard Center for Astrophysics Millimeter and submillimeter masers
Yes Yes
1002 Hunter Todd NRAO 658 GHz water masers with the submillimeter array pdf (1.2 MB) Yes Yes
1003 Patel Nimesh Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Submillimetre Array observations of 321 GHz water maser emission in Cepheus-A pdf (1.4 MB)
ppt (with notes) (1.7 MB)
Yes Yes
Session 10: Posters
1004 Weintroub Jonathon Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics SMA imaging of the hydrogen recombination line masers in MWC349 pdf (163 KB) Yes
Session 11: Future facilities and conference summary
1101 Menten Karl Max -Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie Exciting maser science with new instruments in the near and the far future

1102 Green Anne University of Sydney Opportunities for maser studies with the Square Kilometre Array pdf (1.0 MB) Yes
1103 Wootten Alwyn National Radio Astronomy Observatory/ALMA ALMA's view of maser emission pdf (1.9 MB) Yes No
1105 Reid Mark Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Conference Summary
pdf (1.4MB) Yes
Session 11: Posters
1104 Murata Yasuhiro Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Next generation space VLBI project: VSOP (Given on his behalf by Nanako Mochizuki)
Yes No
1106 Kobayashi Hideyuki National Astronomical Observatory of Japan East Asian VLBI Network

1107 Phillips Chris ATNF ASAP
Not publishing Not publishing
1108 Zheng Xingwu Nanjing University VLBI in China