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Education and Outreach


The PULSE@Parkes project allows high school students from around the World to observe the PPTA pulsars by remote operation of the Parkes Radio Telescope.

Students can work through online modules that utilise the data sets acquired from the observation.

Please contact Rob Hollow if your school would like to get involved with this exciting project.


  • In this animation from Swinburne Astronomy Productions, Vikram Ravi describes how pulsar timing can be used to determine how black holes evolve
  • This gallery contains some animations of binary pulsars and their evolution, and the formation of gravitational waves from the merge of two super-massive black holes
  • A lecture by Jocelyn Bell Burnell in 2009, describing pulsars

News articles

Below are a collection of links to news articles related to PTA's, gravitational waves, or general relativity:

  • A CSIRO media release on how gravitational waves can be used to describe the growth of black holes
  • A Nature article describing the use of PTA's for gravitational wave detection
  • A Sky & Telescope article on the time frame of expected gravitational wave detection based on black hole merger rates
  • A Universe Today article on continued realisation that Einstein's predictions exactly match observations

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