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The team

  • Each PPTA team member has been placed in a PPTA group


  • A set of guidelines have been created for determining authorship on PPTA papers.

The committees

The PPTA Steering Committee (PPTASC) is made up of:

  • The chair
  • 1 student representative
  • 1 postdoc representative
  • 5 other members from group 1 of the PPTA team

The chair is decided by the PPTASC every 2 years. The other PPTASC members are chosen every year. Individuals from group 1 can nominate themselves for membership. If necessary all members of the PPTA (group 1 and 2) vote to select the PPTASC.

All PPTA members may update this page. Please contact George Hobbs if you feel that this page needs major revision