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This page allows PPTA team members to read and sign up to papers in preparation, as well as check on the status of submitted papers. Papers are attached below. Paper authorship is decided as follows:

1. The first author creates a list of authors that have provided significant input into the paper. These lead authors are listed in order according to a consensus amongst them on how much input they have provided to the paper.

2. All PPTA group 1 team members are eligible for inclusion on the PPTA papers and can sign up following the instructions below.

3. All PPTA group 2 team members are welcome to request authorship. However, please ensure that you have made a significant contribution, for example, helped with the observing and/or given theoretical/interpretative input. All co-authors should have read the paper and given comments to the first author. For instance, if you have only just joined the project please consider carefully whether you should sign up to a paper or not. Authors will be added in alphabetical order after the lead authors.

Instructions for signing up for a paper

  • The first author will send an email to the PPTA email distribution list when s/he is ready for the paper to be viewed.
  • Read the paper that will be attached below on this website and send any comments that you have to (at least) the lead authors.
  • Decide whether you should be 1) a co-author, 2) acknowledged in the paper, or 3) not included on the paper. Edit this wiki (by clicking on the Edit tab on the top-right of this page) and add your name in the relevant section.

Requirements on papers and submission

  • CSIRO members: we have been requested to submit to MNRAS instead of ApJ where possible (to save on page charges). If you require a contribution for a CSIRO member for an ApJ paper then please let us know in plenty of time

Papers in preparation

Porayko, Zhu, Levin et al. Parkes Pulsar Timing Array constraints on ultralight scalar field dark matter

Papers submitted

Jingbo Wang et al. Comparison of Pulsar Positions from Timing and Very Long Baseline Astrometry

Shannon et al. The disturbance of a millisecond pulsar magnetosphere

(Submitted to ApJ Letters)

Lentati et al. Wide-band Profile Domain Pulsar Timing Analysis

(Submitted to MNRAS)

Papers completed

Zhu et al. Detection and localization of continuous gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays: the role of pulsar terms

(Published in MNRAS)

Burke-Spolaor, Gravitational-Wave Detection and Astrophysics with Pulsar Timing Arrays

(Invited review for PASP)

Lasky et al., Gravitational-wave cosmology across 29 decades in frequency

Madison et al., Versatile Directional Searches for Gravitational Waves with Pulsar Timing Arrays

Tiburzi et al., A study of spatial correlations in pulsar timing array data

Dai et al., A Study of the Multi-frequency Polarization Pulse Profiles of Millisecond Pulsars

Lasky, Melatos, Ravi, Hobbs. Pulsar timing noise and the minimum observation time to

detect gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays.

Hobbs. The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array

Reardon et al., Timing analysis for 20 millisecond pulsars in the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array

Zhu et al., Detection and localization of single-source gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays

Zhu et al. An all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array data set

Wang et al. Searching for gravitational wave memory bursts with the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array

Paper download (Version 23): Attach:jingbo_ver23.pdf

  • Paper status: submitted
  • Journal: MNRAS

Shannon et al. Limitations in timing precision due to single-pulse shape variability in millisecond pulsars.

Keith, Coles, Shannon and 16 co-authors: Measurement and correction of variations in interstellar dispersion in high precision pulsar timing

Paper download: Attach:ppta_dm_correction.pdf

Paper status: re-submitted to MNRAS 23-Nov-2012

Hobbs, G., The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array: What we've done and what we're doing

Paper download: Attach:ppta_hobbs.pdf

Paper status: draft

  • Lead authors: G. Hobbs
  • Journal: conference proceedings

Hobbs, G., Pulsar Timing Arrays: Status and Techniques

Paper download: Attach:iau_hobbs.pdf

Paper status: draft

  • Lead author: G. Hobbs
  • Journal: conference proceedings

van Straten, High-Fidelity Radio Astronomical Polarimetry Using a Millisecond Pulsar as a Polarized Reference Source

Submitted version: Attach:METM.pdf Revised version: Attach:METMv2.pdf

Paper status: submitted to ApJS 21-Aug-2012; referee's comments received 22-Oct-2012; re-submitted 13-Dec-2012

Hobbs, Coles, Manchester and 21 other coauthors: Developing a pulsar-based timescale

Paper download: Attach:ppta_timescale.pdf

Paper status: submitted to MNRAS, 8 June 2012

Deng, Coles, Hobbs, Keith, Manchester, Shannon, Zheng: Optimal Interpolation and Prediction of Pulsar Timing Residuals

Paper download: Attach:xinping.pdf

Paper status: submitted to MNRAS

Manchester, Hobbs, Bailes and 28 other co-authors: The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array Project

Paper download: Submitted version: Attach:ppta1.pdf Revised version: Attach:ppta1R1.pdf

Paper status: submitted to PASA, 13 June, 2012, accepted 18 October, 2012. arXiv: 1210.6130

Rutger van Haasteren, Yuri Levin: Understanding and analysing time-correlated stochastic signals in pulsar timing

  • Lead authors: Rutger van Haasteren, Yuri Levin
  • Journal: MNRAS
  • arXiv:1202.5932

All PPTA members may update this page. Please contact George Hobbs if you feel that this page needs major revision