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Observers: Ryan Shannon and Dusty Madison

  • PCM track on 0437:
    • Full pcm track with the multibeam receiver. Observations of length 960 s were alternated with 120 s observations of calibrator. The schedules are ~/tcs/sched/P737/P737_pcm_MB_DFB3/DFB4A.sch.
    • Completed calibration with hydra as well.
  • Testing dfb search mode capabilities
  • Limits to sampling rate: Users have been trying to use unsupported modes (1024 frequency channels and tsamp < 110 microsec)
    • 128 microsec: Successful 30 minute observations on both DFB3 and DFB4
    • 96 microsec: Had problem writing last subintegration.
    • 64 microsec: Did not work on either DFB3 or DFB4.
  • Tests of 512 MHz modes: