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The Third ATNF Gravitational Wave Workshop

Date: 11th Dec 2009
Place: ATNF Lecture Theatre, Marsfield, Sydney
Organisers: George Hobbs & Dick Manchester
Aim: To highlight results from the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array (PPTA) project, to discuss astrophysical sources of gravitational waves and to discuss future issues
Registration: Please contact George Hobbs if you wish to participate as a speaker and present a talk or as part of the audience.

Background information

Data have been collected for the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array (PPTA) project over the past 4 years. The main goal of the PPTA project is to make the first direct detection of gravitational waves. Already, we have used our data to limit the existence of a stochastic background of low-frequency gravitational waves. Other results from the project have included constraining Solar system planetary masses, studying the Solar corona and probing the interstellar medium. In the near future we expect to limit the existence of single coalescing massive black-hole binary systems to high red-shift, place limits on various theories of gravity, study pulsar spin-down and search for irregularities in terrestrial time standards.


Session 1: Data sets and analysis, chair Dick Manchester

09:00-09:20George HobbsStatus report on the PPTA/IPTA projects
09:20-09:40Willem van StratenPolarisation calibration and timing
09:40-10:00Matthew Bailes(via teleconference) New instrumentation for pulsar timing
10:00-10:20Stefan OslowskiAn analysis of single pulses from PSR J0437-4715

Session 2: GW sources, chair Ray Norris

10:40-11:00Sarah Burke-SpolaorObservational limits on binary black holes in galaxies
11:00-11:15Fredrick JenetConstraining the coalescence rate of supermassive black-hole binaries using pulsar timing (10 minute talk)
11:15-11:35Daniel YardleyResults from trying to detect a GW background in pulsar timing data
11:35-11:55Richard SchilizziThe SKA project (may lead into Ron's talk/discussion below)
11:55-12:20Ron EkersFinding supermassive binary black holes (5 minute talk + discussion led by Ron)

Session 3: Current projects, chair Willem van Straten

13:20-13:40Xavier SiemensGravitational wave stochastic background from cosmic (super)-strings
13:40-14:00Dick ManchesterDetermining the Jovian system mass
14:00-14:20Emily PetroffInitial results from an analysis of frequency derivative switching in PSR B1937+21
14:20-14:40Larry PriceThe optimal statistic for detecting a GW background
14:40-15:00Jonathan KhooAn update on the PULSE@Parkes project
15:00-15:20Fredrick JenetNoise sources in pulsar timing arrays

Session 4: Instrumentation at Parkes, chair George Hobbs

15:40-16:00Willem van StratenThe APSR system
16:00-16:10Ettore CarrettiUpdate on the Parkes backend rationalisation project (only 10 minutes)
16:10-16:20Arkadi KosmyninThe Parkes data archiving project (only 10 minutes)
16:20-16:30Graeme CarradUpdate on the Parkes receiver rationalisation project (only 10 minutes)
16:30-16:40Michael KeithNew millisecond pulsar discoveries (only 10 minutes)
16:40+Dick ManchesterDiscussion on next steps for PPTA/collaborations