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Guidelines for authorship on PPTA publications

PPTA Publication Guidelines

  • Authorship on a paper implies a significant contribution to the content of the paper. For observational papers this can include development of the principal observing system, observing, development of data analysis software, data analysis and interpretation and/or preparation of the paper. As far as possible, the authorship order should be determined by the significance of the contribution.
  • Papers reporting on a significant part of a PhD project should have the student as first author.
  • Papers that present a new technique, where the software or analysis is done by a few people, need not include the whole PPTA team as authors. Any PPTA team contribution would normally be acknowledged in the Acknowledgments section.
  • Conference review papers which include a summary of PPTA results similarly need not include all PPTA members as authors, but should acknowledge the team effort.
  • Papers on an isolated object or aspect which use PPTA data (usually along with other data) should acknowledge the PPTA team but not necessarily include them as authors.
  • Papers that utilise the entire dataset or the majority of it should include all group 1 members.
  • People proposing massive data re-reductions consult with the institution that is responsible for the instrument before they commence to avoid potential duplication of effort and/or conflict.
  • The first author should write the first draft.
  • In general, the best possible data should be used.
  • The PPTA Steering Committee has the final adjudication on paper authorship.