The Parkes telescope and the Australia Telescope Compact Array have recently completed a joint HI survey of the SMC. Papers, images and data are available from this web site.

Refereed Papers:

"A New Look at the Kinematics of Neutral Hydrogen in the Small Magellanic Cloud" (Stanimirovic, Staveley-Smith & Jones 2004, ApJ, in press)

``Cool dust and gas in the Small Magellanic Cloud'' (Stanimirovic, Staveley-Smith, van der Hulst, Bontekoe, Kester & Jones 2000, MNRAS, 315, 791)

"The Large-Scale HI Structure of the Small Magellanic Cloud" The HI power spectrum and new supergiant shells from the joint ATCA and Parkes study of the SMC (Stanimirovic, Staveley-Smith, Dickey, Sault & Snowden 1999, MNRAS, 302, 417). 2 MB gzipped postscript file.

"An HI Aperture Synthesis Mosaic of the Small Magellanic Cloud" Compact Array study of the SMC and the distribution of Giant shells (Staveley-Smith, Sault, Hatzidimitriou, Kesteven & McConnell 1997, MNRAS, 289, 225). 4 MB gzipped postscript file.

"An approach to interferometric mosaicing" The theory of mosaicing with application to the SMC (Sault, Staveley-Smith & Brouw, 1996, A&A Suppl, 120, 375). 1.3 MB gzipped postscript file.

"An HI Mosaic of the Small Magellanic Cloud" First results from the SMC HI mosaic (Staveley-Smith, Sault, McConnell, Kesteven, Hatzidimitriou, Freeman & Dopita 1995, Publ.Astr.Soc.Aust, 12, 13). 700 kB gzipped postscript file.

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Snezana Stanimirovic
Lister Staveley-Smith

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