Workshop on "3D Visualisation Challenges for ASKAP"

Wednesday 28 April 2010 (from 1pm)

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre

We are holding a half-day 3D-Visualisation demo/workshop in conjunction with the 1-day workshop on source-finding techniques set for the following day. We focus on 3D because it provides huge challenges for the large HI cubes expected from ASKAP. Simulated HI cubes (first set available) will go some way to demonstrating these challenges and finding solutions.

** NOTE ** The day after this meeting, on Thursday, April 29, we are also holding a Source Finding workshop.

3D Source-finding, i.e. extracting astronomical objects of interest from large HI cubes, is difficult and time-consuming when pushed to the limits of the survey sensitivity (as shown by the HIPASS experience). We require 3D source-finding tools that are both robust and reliable. While interferometric HI data are generally better behaved than single dish HI data, we do - at this stage - not know the behaviour of the novel phased array developed for ASKAP.

Speakers / Draft Program

  • 13:00h - Russell Jurek: "Introduction and brief review of the visualisation challenges facing ASKAP"
  • 13:20h - Tim Cornwell: "Review of Casaviewer and whether or not it can be modified to work with ASKAP data"
  • 13:40h - Chris FLuke: "Using GPUs to visualise ASKAP data"
  • 14:05h - Amr Hassan: "Demo + explanation of his 3-D visualisation code"
  • 14:25h - Emil Lenc: "Alternate 3-D visualisation tools"
  • 14:45h - Keith Bengston: "Introductory talk on Large-High-Resolution (LHR) displays (such as the opti-portal), and a demonstration of the opti-portal in action"
  • 15:15h - ***** coffee break *****
  • 15:35h - Justin Baker: "CSIRO eResearch Visualisation services"
  • 15:50h - Lister Staveley-Smith: "Demonstration of some tools to visualise 3-D datasets and simulations"
  • 16:05h - 17:00h - Discussion:
    • pros/cons of various approaches
    • what do people see as being exciting/useful about different approaches
    • next steps

If you would like to contribute a brief talk about a novel visualisation technique/method/tool, then please email Russell. Also, please advise us if you plan to attend by 3pm next Wednesday the 31st of March.

Teleconference facilities are not available for this workshop. Please contact Russell Jurek if you would like video-conferencing to be set-up. Every attempt will be made to make this available if people request it.


  • Justin Baker
  • Keith Bengston
  • Mark Calabretta
  • Tim Cornwell
  • Chris Fluke
  • Chris Hales
  • Paul Hancock
  • Amr Hassan
  • Andrew Hopkins
  • Carole Jackson
  • Russell Jurek
  • Paul Jones
  • Baerbel Koribalski
  • Emil Lenc
  • Feng Li
  • Vince McIntyre
  • Ray Norris
  • Stuart Ryder
  • Lister Staveley Smith
  • Maxim Voronkov
  • Matthew Whiting


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Created by: B. Koribalski
Up-dated by Russell Jurek & B. Koribalski (20 April, 2010).