CASS Diversity Committee

In 2014 we established a Diversity Committee within CASS to regularly discuss, implement, and monitor a range of initiatives.

Our mission is to identify, implement, and monitor issues and initiatives around Diversity and Equity within CASS to ensure that all staff are treated fairly and equitably within our workplace regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religion, family responsibility or physical/mental impairment.

In summary, our highest priorities are:

  • Continue to monitor the status of women working in our organisation.
  • Continuing to ensure appropriate representation on our advisory and organising committees.
  • Continuing to adhere to family friendly policies and flexible work hours/locations.
  • Working toward a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment.
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of Diversity issues and relevant policies.
  • Increasing engagement to identify areas for change within CASS research programs that have historically had low female representation.


Our specific action items are:

  • Establish an engineering visitor program with a focus on female engineers.
  • Compile and analyse the demographics of staff, including job applications and hiring, memberships of research programs, salary levels.
  • Review the training of CASS Diversity officers to ensure training across a full range of diversity and equity issues, advertise the names of Diversity officers.
  • Establish a new CASS Diversity web site to advertise all relevant policies/information that includes minutes, actions and annual reports from the CASS Diversity Committee.
  • Increase the publicity around existing diversity within the workplace via staff profiles.
  • Establish a private lounge area for breast-feeding mothers.
  • Investigate assistance for dual career couples and communicate policies to staff.
  • Identify the circumstances under which out-of-hours work is required from CASS staff and review whether these arrangements could be made more family friendly.
  • Attend GLBTI[at]CSIRO group meetings and report relevant issues/actions.
  • Prepare an annual report, which will include results of the annual demographic review and updates on other actions taken by the committee.

CASS Diversity Committee Annual Reports

Who we are

The current membership of the committee is spread across the CASS sites.

A map of Australia showing locations marked with circles.


Marsfield (Sydney), NSW

  • Kate Chow
  • Vicki Drazenovic
  • Sarah Pearce (CASS Deputy Director)
  • Tasso Tzioumis
  • Carol Wilson
  • Lesley Kliska


Remote, NSW

  • Michelle Storey


Parkes, NSW

  • Jane Kaczmarek (Chair)


Narrabri, NSW

  • (currently unfilled)


Tidbinbilla, ACT

  • Ed Kruzins
  • Kerry Fereday


Kensington (Perth), WA

  • Gülay Gürkan Uygun
  • Minh Huynh
  • Jimi Green


New Norcia, WA

  • Suzy Jackson


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